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Cardanos Hoskinson talks about the future he has for DeFi. introduces

The software developer and entrepreneur predicted that many projects in the DeFi-The area would not last for the next five to ten years

Shared in a recent YouTube session Cardano-Founder Charles Hoskinson his outlook on the future of decentralized finance. Hoskinson, who apparently vowed to redefine the sector, predicted many active DeFi projects would go offline within the next five to ten years.

He cited the lack of long-term vision and rigorous engineering as a factor that will get most of these projects off the ground. Hoskinson claimed that the industry is inundated with many projects fueled by the “hope and prayer” mentality, which he pointed out is not enough to keep it afloat. ‘

“It’s very difficult to do this type of engineering and get it right, with a vision and vision for the future. Unfortunately, many of the projects in this area will not stand the test of time. We will see a major extinction in the next five to ten years. The reason you’re doing things right is so that you can be there for this extinction event. ” he said.

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Poor quality of the applications damages the reputation of the ecosystem

Hoskinson said that many of the current projects are “low quality” and highlighted this as a cause of dissatisfaction within the DeFi community.

“Many of you are fed up with the incredible cost, lack of clarity, and poor production quality of DeFi applications.” said the input-output boss to his audience.

The Cardano boss justified his opinion by saying that the DeFi sector had experienced a number of hacks, most of which resulted in large financial losses. Hoskinson tagged them especially Ethereum Scope for loopholes that have been exploited, resulting in losses of $ 10 billion this year alone.

Survival for the fittest

The Cardano boss also observed that the DeFi room had become an environment where only the projects that emerge at the top survive. During the 28-minute session, titled “DApps and Cardano DeFi Alliance,” Hoskinson described Cardano as a project that aims to address existing weaknesses.

He added that Cardano’s DeFi platform is prioritizing aspects like public-private partnerships and certification standards to make them more relevant and secure. Hoskinson argued that certification standards could benefit the entire industry as they would provide the basis for determining the value of DeFi projects.

Further developments in the pipeline

The tech entrepreneur predicted that 2022 will be a great year for Cardano as the network sees even more significant developments. He went on to set up a joint venture called Cardano DeFi Alliance, which consists of various developers who are involved in the further development of the Blockchain work. The aim of the alliance is to build a “robust and dynamic” ecosystem that will serve as a pacemaker in the DeFi industry.


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