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Check out the 3 top cryptocurrencies this week

It has indeed been a rather difficult year for cryptocurrency. Many companies have filed for bankruptcy and investors are risking their money to ensure they still get their returns. And what’s even worse is the constant Attack by hackers and make everyone go crazy.

Despite the difficulties, investors are still hoping for the cryptocurrency to shine again. With 2023 fast approaching, here are this week’s top 3 cryptocurrencies that performed well in the market.

XDC network (XDC)

Also known as “XinFin network“, the XDC network is one Blockchain enterprise class with smart contracts compatible with EVM. As a highly optimized custom fork of EthereumXDC Network has reached a consensus on the dPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) mechanism, which enables more than 2000 transactions per second, two seconds of latency and lower gas fees.

XDC rose 6% after announcing its integration with STASIS, one of the largest euro-backed ones stablecoins that would enable EURS stablecoins on the XDC network. After the announcement, the market capitalization from a slight 20% decline to trade at $0.02711.

At the moment XDC is trading at $0.026965 and still grind.

Helium (HNT)

HNT reached the first place in the altcoins ranking last week and even Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed.

The Helium Network is a decentralized wireless network that allows machines to connect to the internet anywhere in the world. It is an open-source, secured network that allows developers to create internet-connected machines with the higher speed at a low cost. Over the past seven days, HNT is up 11.07%.

According to data from LunarCrush, HNT’s price increased by 30.70% with 1,968 social volume and over 7 million social engagements in the last 24 hours.

helium is also preparing for migration Solana in the first quarter of 2023. The Helium Foundation is conducting “Ask me everything” sessions to develop plans once they are rolled out on Solana. In addition, veHNT (Vote-escrowed HNT) will be released soon, which will require users to stake their HNT tokens in order to gain voting rights.

At the moment the HNT token is trading at $1.7509 (based on 24-hour data) with a trading volume of $1,364,781.

Kronos (CRO)

Cronos, formerly known as Crypto.comis the first blockchain that can be integrated Ethereum and cosmos-Ecosystems and supports DeFi and NFTs. It is a sidechain geared towards EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) running on the blockchain. It aims to help Web3 users port apps and crypto assets across blockchains.

Cronos users can also manage their wallets like Trust Wallet, Metamask, Keplr, Cronos Desktop Wallet and many more. They also support and Akash where users can use these coins to use in Cronos.

With these integrations, Cronos is aiming to return to its all-time high price of around $1 per unit, which is 100% of its current value.

Over the last week, Cronos is up 7.24% and has secured its place in the list of top currencies. At this time of writing CRO is trading at $0.05751 with a trading volume of $9,436,071 in the last 24 hours.

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