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Christine Lagarde’s son is a crypto investor despite her anti-Bitcoin stance

                                                            Die Präsidentin der Europäischen Zentralbank (EZB) – Christine Lagarde – bekräftigte ihre ablehnende Haltung gegenüber Cryptowährungen und behauptete, dass sie „auf nichts basieren“ und streng reguliert werden sollten.  Nichtsdestotrotz enthüllte sie, dass einer ihrer Söhne einen Teil seines Vermögens auf dem Markt für digitale Vermögenswerte verteilt hatte.

Dive into the crypto world despite mom’s advice

Numerous central bankers have criticized the cryptocurrency sector in recent years. The French politician and ECB President – ​​Christine Lagarde – undoubtedly belongs to this club.

In a recent interview, she said that digital assets are “worthless” and “based on nothing.” She further argued that investing in Bitcoin and altcoins could leave people “terribly disappointed” as the industry lacks proper rules.

Not surprisingly, Lagarde admitted to not owning any cryptocurrencies, stating, “I want to practice what I preach.” However, it seems that her advice hasn’t stopped either of her two sons from being portfolio to diversify with digital assets. “He’s a free man,” she said.

And while the politician remains skeptical about crypto, the same is not the case with CBDCs. She said the ECB has plans to launch a digital euro in the next four years as it will be a very different product from bitcoin:

Airdrop from VNSMART Christine Lagarde’s son is a crypto investor despite her anti-Bitcoin stance, Crypto Trading News

“The day we release the central bank digital currency, every digital euro, I guarantee that – so the central bank will be behind it, and I think it’s very different from a lot of those things.”
Christine Lagarde, Bloomberg

Lagarde’s earlier statements

In January 2021, the President of the ECB claimed Bitcoin was a “highly speculative asset” that could be used for criminal activity. As such, it must operate under a strict regulatory framework.

A month later, she doubled down on her position, predicting that there is no future for the leading digital asset. Lagarde also thinks it is “highly unlikely” that central banks will ever hold cryptocurrencies.

Shortly after Vladimir Putin declared his “special military operation” in Ukraine in February, the French politician took up the issue again. She called for regulations for the crypto industry, otherwise Russia could evade financial sanctions imposed by the EU and the US.

However, it is worth noting that using digital assets to evade fines due to the underlying Blockchaintechnology is not a suitable method. Binance CEO – Changpeng Zhao – explained in detail:

“If you look at the data, no one smart is doing that. Crypto is too traceable, governments around the world are becoming very good at tracking crypto transactions. So crypto is not good for that.”

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