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Coinbase Adds Popular DeFi Token, Five More Altcoins to Roadmap, Makes USDT Available in 31 Countries

Coinbase just added six new altcoins to its listing roadmap, putting the tokens on track to be listed in its growing list of tradable digital assets.
The exchange plans to launch the decentralized finance protocol (DeFi) Convex Finance (CVX) along with the data monetization protocol ocean log (OCEAN), retail-focused Pundi X (PUNDIX), decentralized exchange injective (INJ), content streaming protocol Audius (AUDIO) and the NFT-Project XMON (XMON) to its roadmap.

However, transfers and trading of these assets will not be supported until their listing is officially announced.

“Assets added to the roadmap today: Convex Finance (CVX), Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)Pundi X (PUNDIX), Injective (INJ), Audius (AUDIO) and XMON (XMON).”

The company also says that tether‘s USDTthe largest stablecoin of the world, is now available for users in 31 countries.

Countries include Australia, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador. Ghana, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Madagascar, Mali, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Uganda, Venezuela and Zambia.

“USDT is now available to residents in 31 countries… Users can log in to buy, sell, convert, send, receive or store this asset on, the Coinbase iOS and Android apps [the Coinbase exchange]Advanced Trade and Coinbase Pro.”

Last month, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said the exchange aims to list as many crypto assets as possible, as long as they meet the company’s standards.

“It’s a bit like Amazon or something, where a product might have three stars or five stars, but if it starts getting one star consistently, it’s probably fraudulent or defective or something and maybe Amazon will remove it. Otherwise, you want to let the market decide what those things are…

I believe there will be millions of these assets over time and I hope that basically every time we add one it doesn’t make headlines.”

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