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Coinbase is being sued by customers who lost ‘untold millions’ to little-known crypto project: report

Top US crypto exchange Coinbase is reportedly being hit with a lawsuit for allegedly trading for GYEN, a coin as stablecoin function, which is linked to the Japanese yen.
According to a complaint seen by Bloomberg, Coinbase is accused of misleading customers into believing that GYEN is priced at one yen.

After overwhelming buying pressure, GYEN lost its peg to the yen as the yen surged from $0.008 on November 13th to $0.04 on November 18th before sharply returning to parity on November 24th.

According to Bloomberg, some investors on Coinbase have failed to understand that the token does not trade par with the yen and should fall drastically to meet its peg.

The complaint states,

our recommendation Coinbase is being sued by customers who lost ‘untold millions’ to little-known crypto project: report, Crypto Trading News

“Investors placed orders believing in the coinThe value of the coin was equal to the yen as advertised, but the tokens they bought were worth up to seven times the yen… Just as suddenly, the value of the GYEN plunged back onto the peg – it fell by 80% in one day. ”

Coinbase also froze trading amid volatility that prevented GYEN holders from selling their coins, resulting in losses of “untold millions in a matter of hours,” according to the complaint.

Says a group of GYEN investors leading the lawsuit,

“[Due to] the omission of the fact that GYEN was not designed to hold a value pegged to the yen and Coinbase’s restriction prohibiting investors from liquidating their GYEN when it crashed, several hundred buyers lost huge sums, some lost Hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few hours, causing them heartache, fear, stress and outrage.”

On Nov. 19, Coinbase announced that the crypto exchange had halted activities with GYEN and Power Ledger (POWR) due to technical issues.
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