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Coinkite Launches “High-End” Coldcard Bitcoin Wallet With QR Code Scanner –

The manufacturer of Bitcoin-Hardware wallets Coinkite has announced the launch of a new product, the Coldcard Q1, which features a QWERTY keyboard and a QR code scanner. Coinkite states that the battery-powered device uses the same security model as the Coldcard Mk4.

Coinkite introduces the Coldcard Q1

Over the past three months, companies have unveiled new hardware wallets for securely storing cryptocurrency assets. In December 2022, Ledger announced the launch of Stax, designed by iPod creator Tony Fadell. The following month, decentralized Exchange (Dex) aggregation service 1inch Network announced its plans to launch a hardwareWallet known.

Coinkite Launches “High-End” Coldcard Bitcoin Wallet With QR Code Scanner –, Crypto Trading News
The new Coldcard Q1 launched by Bitcoin signature device maker Coinkite.

Coinkite this month announced the launch of the “high-end” cold card bitcoin signature device and the company is currently accepting pre-order requests. The new Coldcard Q1 is a battery powered machine that does not require connection to a desktop or power source. It features a 320×240 pixel LCD screen, which is roughly four times larger than the Coldcard Mk4’s screen. The new cold card also includes a QWERTY keyboard and a built-in QR code scanner with LED lighting.

The device has two MicroSD slots and Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities, like the Coldcard Mk4. According to Coinkite’s documentation, the USB and NFC data can be “irreversibly blocked”. Coinkite Details: The QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to enter BIP-39 passphrases, and the Triple-A batteries offer Air-gap-Resilience. Coinkite notes that all of the features of the Mk4 are present on the Q1, but many are more easily accessible due to dedicated buttons.

“For example, with the dedicated ‘QR’ button you can display many values ​​as a QR code ready to be imported into your phone. The same goes for the dedicated ‘NFC’ key that triggers NFC export/import depending on the context,” Coinkite notes.

The Coldcard Mk4 costs $147.94 per unit, while the Q1 costs $199.99 per unit on Coinkite’s website. Customers paying with Bitcoin (BTC) get a 5% discount with a promotional code highlighted on the website. The competition in the Bitcoin hardware device manufacturing market is certainly intensifying as a new hardware wallet has been launched every month for the past three months.

What do you think of Coinkite’s new cold card Q1? Let us know what you think about this topic in the comment section below.

Coinkite Launches “High-End” Coldcard Bitcoin Wallet With QR Code Scanner –, Crypto Trading News

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photo credit: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons, images via Twitter by Coinkite and its website.

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