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Coinlocally forms new partnerships on the way to release a decentralized bank

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With the establishment of Bitcoin — a decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash system that outgrew its original purpose and became a global phenomenon — many people outlined plans to decentralize various other niches. As might be expected, the financial industry is one of the most talked about industries, given its centralization embodied for centuries.

As such, the word “decentralized” has popped up left and right, but very few projects have actually managed to get the full meaning of it when it comes to their product. Coinlocally, a crypto exchange with fiat-to-crypto on/off ramps, has laid out its plans on how to go about this as it ultimately wants to be a decentralized bank.

To that end, the company has signed several notable partnerships, including with digital asset giant Binance and Mercuryo.

Coinlocally, Binance, Mercuryo and more

Perhaps the most talked-about partnership to materialize over the past few months has been with Changpeng Zhao-led crypto exchange – Binance. As the world’s largest digital asset platform, Binance has provided Coinlocally with the infrastructure needed to run its own 125x leverage crypto futures platform. Consequently, Coinlocally will act as a Binance exchange broker.

The company’s crypto and fiat on/off ramps mentioned above are also powered by Binance. The team behind Coinlocally promised that Binance will soon provide most of its fiat pairs.

Speaking of the company’s crypto and fiat products, it’s worth mentioning Mercuryo – the company that has enabled the addition of several fiat currencies to Coinlocally’s platform, including USD, GBR, RUB, EUR and others.

The team followed their roadmap closely and informed that their spot and futures trading platforms are already available for Android and iOS users and can be downloaded from their respective online store. Separately, they will be available on Coinlocally’s website too soon.

About Coinlocal

Founded as a cryptocurrency exchange, the company has grown into a global hotspot for users looking to enter the digital asset ecosystem. With iOS and Android applications available for both its spot and futures trading platforms, Coinlocally allows users to apply their trading skills, interact with advertisements and search for their preferred payment method.

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