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Cosmos (ATOM), Curve (CRV) and one other altcoin will rebound, according to crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe

A popular crypto analyst and trader shares his outlook for 2022 after the markets have been steep in recent weeks correction have experienced.
In a new strategy session, Michaël van de Poppe tells his 156,000 YouTube subscribers that he has his eyes on a trio of altcoins that have the potential for big breakouts over the next year.

The dealer says he has his Portfolio built with assets he believes are undervalued, starting with the decentralized parallel Blockchain-Network Cosmos (ATOM).

“The first is ATOM, which is currently showing strength in price action but has seen some cycles to be aware of.

In this case, we had a nice run in early 2021. We had a tough fix [starting in May] which resulted in a nice retest.

If we look at the current price movement, we also had a nice run and a very hard corrective movement, which leads to another nice retest taking place. “

With regard to the ATOM rating, Van de Poppe quotes 1.618 Fibonacci-Expansion while planning a run to $ 60 and possibly up to $ 100.

“The chances are that we will face a new run towards the 1.618 Fibonacci on the first run up, which could bring us towards $ 60.

But if we use the entire move beforehand, that could get us towards $ 67, or even the next one to move into the $ 100 category. “

Cosmos is currently on the up, with ATOM’s price up 21.3% over the day and trading at $ 27.96.

Next up are the decentralized exchange (DEX) and the automated market maker protocol Curve DAO Token (CRV). The analyst cites higher lows and higher highs as reasons to be happy about the future price development of the Altcoin.

“[CRV] is currently leading to a major breakout given that we just had a nice retest … after a major run already.

We keep making higher lows, higher highs, which could result in Curve accelerating pricing. “

CRV is also on the up today, having climbed 17.2% to $ 5.09 at the time of writing.

The crypto analyst closes his altcoin focus with a look SUSHI, the native token of Ethereum-based DEX SushiSwap.

Van de Poppe notes that he is keen to take a position after falling SUSHI’s price by a drastic 80%.

“We are currently facing a nice retest for SUSHI. I think the moment it breaks above this level that we have [the $4.64 to $6.19 range], then $ 6.25 to $ 7 will be the actual trigger.

I think if that breaks at $ 7.35 we will actually see a new expansion in terms of SUSHI. “

The price of SushiSwap is also currently in the green, with the altcoin rising almost 9% over the day to $ 5.93.

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