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Cross-chain automation platform CrowdSwap targets DeFi mass adoption

                                                            Während die jüngsten Ereignisse im Zusammenhang mit dem Untergang einer der weltweit führenden zentralisierten Börsen – FTX – die Branche bis ins Mark erschüttert haben, brachten sie auch wichtige Prinzipien aus dem Vergessen.

Decentralization is the core concept behind crypto, and this has become clear now more than ever.

CrowdSwap spawns a cross-chain “opportunity optimization and automation platform” aimed at mass adoption.

What is CrowdSwap?

Building on that, the platform focuses on providing great cryptocurrency opportunities built on a robust price routing and aggregation algorithm and a secure cross-chain capability.

It aims to break down the barriers to entry in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi) through automation and optimization. This would allow the users to participate and benefit from various opportunities without bothering to know every detail about the steps required.

The platform packs these steps into a minimal number of transactions, and the user benefits by spending less time searching for the best prices and cross-chain bridges, adding liquidity in the right places.

Cross-chain automation platform CrowdSwap targets DeFi mass adoption, Crypto Trading News

CrowdSwap features

In essence, CrowdSwap is an aggregation protocol that aims to bring DeFi to mass adoption and help people overcome many of the problems they face in the otherwise fast-growing crypto space.

Some of the protocol’s missions include:

  • To reduce the complexity of the DeFi space
  • To make DeFi accessible to all
  • To provide the best prices for token exchanges across the DeFi space
  • To allow users to perform cross-chain swaps
  • To suggest different portfolio combinations with high returns
  • To enable staking and yield farming opportunities

The platform’s algorithm helps users identify opportunities that are otherwise difficult to find, especially when research is done manually. The protocol filters the opportunities while finding the quickest and cheapest route to them, and guiding users through the process.

CrowdSwap’s Black Friday campaign

With the end of November just around the corner, CrowdSwap is also bringing up a Black Friday campaign for its users.

Anyone who invests $50 in the following pairs will enter a lottery where two users will win 1000 CROWD tokens (the native cryptocurrency the platform) can win.

Pairs include:


The promotion runs from November 24th to November 28th for a total of five days and there are two winners each day. The total prize pool is $1000 in CROWD tokens.

For more information and communication you can check the projects Twitter and discord

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