Crypto News Adds Trading Support for Reforked EthereumPoW (ETHW) Token and Web3 Lifestyle Altcoin

Singapore-based digital asset exchange is leading the support for the new one fork a Ethereum (ETH) Proof-of-Work tokens and a Web3 lifestyle altcoin.
The exchange’s clients can now trade EthereumPoW (ETHW), which aims to operate in the same manner as pre-merge Ethereum, which is based on a proof-of-workBlockchain existed.

ETHW is trading at $6.26 at the time of writing. The new crypto asset is down 32.5% over the past seven days.

EthereumPoW plunged from trading around $8.00 on Sunday to a low of $4.17 at one point Monday after blockchain security firm BlockSec reported that the project had handled an exploit.

1/ Warning | BlockSec found exploiters replaying the message (call data) of the PoS chain on @EthereumPow. The root cause of the exploitation is that the bridge does not correctly verify the actual chainid (maintained by itself) of the cross-chain message.

— BlockSec (@BlockSecTeam) September 18, 2022 also listed STEPN (GMT), a Web3 blockchain-based fitness and lifestyle app. The project is a move-to-earn game that rewards users with in-game currency for walking, jogging, or running. The game currency can be paid out profitably.

STEPN, which launched in early March, saw massive growth before momentum faltered around late May.

The project’s native token, GMT, is trading at $0.638139 at the time of writing. The crypto asset ranked 101st after market capitalization is up more than 6.6% over the past 24 hours but has fallen almost 4.7% over the past week. He also stays more than 84% below his all-time high from $4.11, which it reached in late April.

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