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Crypto market cap lost $ 250 billion in 3 days as BTC slipped to $ 46,000

                                                            Bitcoin setzt seine nachteiligen Preisbewegungen mit einem Rückgang auf ein Zehn-Tage-Tief von 46.000 US-Dollar vor Stunden fort.  Die meisten Altcoins haben eine ähnliche Entwicklung, da die Marktkapitalisierung der Cryptowährungen in drei Tagen um 250 Milliarden US-Dollar gesunken ist.

Bitcoin has dropped to $ 46,000

It was just three days ago – December 27th – when the primary cryptocurrency soared to a nearly month-long high of $ 52,000. Still, a lot can change in the field of digital assets in 72 hours.

After that local high, Bitcoin began to depreciate somewhat quickly. It initially fell to $ 49,000 in hours, as reported Tuesday, before falling to $ 48,000 yesterday.

The situation only got worse in the past 24 hours when BTC crashed to $ 46,000, which became its lowest price in ten days. Bitcoin is currently trading around $ 1,000 higher, but it’s still nearly 2% lower than it was on the day, and its market cap is well below $ 900 billion.
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Altcoins in red: NEAR Surges

The altcoins have seen better days too. Ethereum, for example, traded above $ 4,100 earlier this week. However, the second largest cryptocurrency is now below $ 3,700 after losing the coveted $ 4,000 mark on Tuesday.

Binance Coin (-3.5%), Solana (-2.2%), Cardano (-6%), Ripple (-3%), Terra (-1.5%), Polkadot (-3.5%), Avalanche (-5%), Dogecoin (-3%) and Shiba Inu (-4.5%) are also well in the red from the larger Cap-Alts.

Some exceptions come from here Algorand and NEAR Protocol. ALGO is up 9.3% and is trading above $ 1.6 while NEAR is up nearly 12% in the past 24 hours and is now at $ 15.

Despite these exceptions, the cryptocurrency’s market cap has now dropped to $ 2.2 trillion. Just three days ago, the metric was $ 2.450 trillion, which means it’s down by $ 250 billion over that period.
Crypto market cap lost $ 250 billion in 3 days as BTC slipped to $ 46,000, Crypto Trading NewsOverview of the cryptocurrency market. Quantify Crypto.

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