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Crypto trader Tyler Swope calls its year-end altcoins, says Chainlink and two additional assets will reward long-term holders

Crypto trader and influencer Tyler Swope reveals his year-end altcoins that he believes will reward patient HODLers.
In a new video, the host of Chico Crypto tells its 304,000 YouTube subscribers that it has its eye on a decentralized oracle network Chainlink (LINK) and two more altcoins that he says reward their owners through a superior staking mechanism.

According to Swope, the three crypto-assets differ in that they use a new staking method based solely on real business performance and not on inflationary rewards.

“There is a new kind of staking coming based on real business performance. Speculation and inflation will no longer be the primary reasons for participation, but participation can be tied to metrics, performance and the alignment of goals between companies in an industry ecosystem. “

Staking or locking crypto assets to earn interest or rewards tends to increase the supply of tokens of a digital asset, leading to inflation. According to Swope, LINK plans to combat this by cutting off unwanted node providers and rewarding good ones.

“The beauty of Chainlink Staking is that the Oracle Nodes can crowdsource LINK tokens from the community for the collateral required by the agreements. This enables growth. Good service providers will be able to fulfill more service contracts for customers because they can subtract shares from the community and share the revenue, also known as service awards, with the community. “

LINK is currently swapping owners for $ 19.30 with no clear timetable for launching its staking protocol.

Swope is also watching Energy Web Token (EWT)who have favourited native Cryptocurrency of the Energy Web Chain, a BlockchainPlatform designed to accelerate a low carbon system that leverages decentralized, open source digital technologies.

Swope says EWT has a similar plan to fight inflation by only rewarding stakers who do as well.

Reading from the EWT summary, Swope says:

“The staking rewards for decentralized service level agreements (dSLA) come from the value created in the real world (as opposed to inflationary rewards that are paid in newly minted tokens). dSLA rewards are only distributed to high-performance providers and the patrons who support them. “

EWT is trading for $ 11.25 at the time of writing and its staking program is up and running.

Finally, Swope introduces UBT, Unibright’s native utility token, a framework that aims to simplify blockchains and contracts for large companies with its “no code” approach.

Swope highlights the importance of UBT in the Baseledger token model, a project that aims to bring corporate organizations with Ethereum.

[12:59] “At the center of everything is the Unibright UBT token. Unibright token is the staking token, the payment token. It is the token of the baseledger, the aim of which is to connect the company to the ETH mainnet. “

UBT is swapping owners for $ 1.59 at the time of publication. Swope predicts that Unibright will be launched before the end of the year.

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