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Crypto Whale suddenly moves Bitcoin worth over $ 500,000,000 in a single transaction – here it goes with the BTC

A crypto whale moved abruptly Bitcoin Valued at just over half a billion dollars and paid less than a dollar in transfer fees.
According to whale surveillance bot Whale Alert, the investor sent 10,836 BTC worth a staggering $ 506 million in a single transaction to an unknown wallet on Saturday.

The address that initiated the transfer was the 70th largest BTC, according to BitInfoChartsWallet before the transaction. The data shows that the wallet was created on December 4th and accumulated 9,330 BTC ($ 493 million) on the same day, while six days later it accumulated 1,507 BTC, valued at $ 73 million.

The receiving wallet, created on the day of the transfer, instantly became the 68th richest Bitcoin whale in the world.

The crypto investor just paid 0.0001704 BTC worth $ 0.79 in transaction fees.

The move comes as crypto whales StablecoinTether (USDT) Send hundreds of millions of dollars worth of dollars to various cryptocurrency exchanges while King Crypto continues to trade below the $ 50,000 mark.

Here is a breakdown of the largest USDT transactions in crypto exchange platforms over the past two days:

  • $ 50,898,498 worth $ 50.89 million sent to Binance from an unknown wallet.
  • $ 20,000,000 USDT worth $ 20 million sent to Kucoin from an unknown wallet.
  • $ 40,976,545 worth $ 40.97 million sent to Binance from an unknown wallet.
  • $ 30,000,000 USDT worth $ 30 million sent to OKEx from an unknown wallet.
  • $ 40,000,000 USDT worth $ 40 million was sent to Kucoin from an unknown wallet.
  • $ 26,446,319 worth approximately $ 26.44 million sent to Binance from an unknown wallet.

BTC is trading owners at $ 47,211 at the time of writing, a 6.5% decrease from its seven-day high of $ 50,510 and a 21% decrease from its 30-day high of $ 59,679.
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