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CryptoCom cancels LUNA trades starting May 12th

Following the Terra (LUNA) price drop, several crypto exchanges have started blocking users from buying or selling the token. However, has gone a step further and has opted to reverse LUNA trades that occur in a specific timeframe on May 12th.

  • In an “important update” on Friday, CryptoCom claimed that users who traded LUNA in the hour from 12:40 – 13:39 (UTC) were “reported an incorrect price”.
  • Trading in the token halted after the exchange discovered the bug and remains frozen at the time of writing.
  • However, the exchange has also stated that all LUNA buys and sells will be rolled back within the hour and affected users will be notified via email.
  • “Affected users will be credited with $10 in CRO for the inconvenience caused,” the statement said.
  • Binance – the world’s largest crypto exchange – has suspended both futures and spot trading for LUNA, as has Canadian exchange Coinberry.
  • The value of cryptocurrency is within a week to less than that of a satoshi – the smallest unit of a Bitcoin – broken into.
  • This is because TerraUSD (UST) is losing its intended peg to the dollar, resulting in many holders redeeming their holdings for LUNA at once.
  • LUNA’s supply is now hyperinflated, rising from an estimated 3.45 billion yesterday to a whopping 6.5 trillion today.
  • Terraform Labs was even forced yesterday toBlockchain temporarily freezing which would have prevented holders from withdrawing their LUNA holdings to an uncustodial wallet.

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