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CryptoCom is buying advertising space for the Super Bowl 2022 as the last big business step of the year

                                                   hört nicht auf, in den Vereinigten Staaten zu expandieren und hat beschlossen, das Jahr mit einem großen Werbegag zu beenden.

The third-largest exchange in the ecosystem according to Coingecko data will have a privileged spot on all US television screens in two months after purchasing advertising space in the prestigious Super Bowl – the country’s most important American football competition – held in February 2022.

For the sake of perspective, the 2021 Super Bowl had an audience rating of 96.4 million, and that number was the lowest viewership in the past 14 years. The official US government estimates that 332,396,263 people are living in the country. In other words, nearly a third of the country saw the worst-performing Super Bowl in 14 years.

The Super Bowl is just “one more step” for

There’s no specific information on how much paid for its ad space, but according to information from the Wall Street Journal, NBCUniversal, part of Comcast Corp., is selling 30 seconds of ad space during the game for approximately $ 6.5 million Dollars – $ 1 million more than last year’s cost.

This is nowhere near the company’s most ambitious game. In mid-November, paid $ 700 million for the naming rights to Staples Center Stadium. Now the official stadium of the LA Lakers basketball team is called Crypto.Com Arena. Previously, FTX had bought the naming rights to the Miami Heats stadium.

In addition to NHL and NBA, has sponsored Coppa Italia, Conmebol, Paris Saint-Germain, Formula 1 and even the UFC.

Sports marketing seems to be critical to’s expansive vision. The company’s chief marketing officer, Steven Kalifowitz, said the Super Bowl ad purchase fulfills the company’s vision of investing in brand awareness:

“Crypto is really suitable for everyone. Thanks to the various sports, I can reach everyone where they are. The Super Bowl is just another step in that direction, where it’s as massive as it gets. “

The price of size’s expansive strategy has paid off. In 2021, the exchange’s native token, CRO, grew from the beginning of the year to its ATH in November by more than 1600%.
CROUSD 1 month candlesticks. Image: trade view
And to be more precise, the monthly one Candlestick November marked the biggest move up since the token’s inception, all of which were in large part driven by the acquisition of the Staples Center rights coupled with a series of positive announcements – and a general market price rebound.

But beyond the price of a token,’s business model is growing rapidly; In fact, the CEO of Crypto.Com has the goal of reaching the top 20 of the world’s largest private label brands within the next 5 years and competing directly with companies of the Apple and Nike caliber.

And if paying $ 6 million for a 30-second ad helps achieve that goal, so be it.


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