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Cryptocurrency will become the most watched topic on Reddit in 2021

Here’s further proof of how popular Cryptocurrencies In 2021 – it was the most watched topic of the year according to Reddit, overtaking other hot topics like games, sports, and weddings. Crypto was one of the hottest terms used across the platform, having occurred more than 6.6 million times by 2021.

Another surprising finding that Reddit revealed is that Dogecoin was the most popular crypto viewed on its website. It takes the lead among the most watched crypto subreddits, followed by r / superstonk, r / cryptocurrency, r / amcstock and finally r / bitcoin.

The r / superstonk subreddit saw maximum growth, moving from a leading source of information in the traditional stock market to trending topics including GameStops NFTMarketplace, China’s ban on cryptocurrencies, and even updates on Citadel’s CEO Ken Griffin.

The fact that the crypto movement is really here is also shown by the fact that another leading subreddit r / wallstreetbets is opening the floor to give its more than 11 million members the opportunity to discuss cryptocurrencies. The acceptance of cryptocurrencies as an asset class by the subreddit was further consolidated when it hosted the “to the Moon NFT Party” during the recently concluded Art Basel in Miami Beach.

As home to over 500 communities dedicated to cryptocurrencies, Reddit has had active conversations and engagements on this topic in recent years. However, the crypto market only shot to one of the top trending topics on the platform in 2021 to get straight to the top in this area.

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