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“Cute Dog” coin Mochi Inu (MOCHI) closes the gap between memecoins and the decentralized world of finance

                                                            <strong>[PRESS RELEASE – New York, USA / NY, 15th December 2021]</strong>

Mochi Inu (MOCHI) is the latest entry into the Memecoin ecosystem and differs in that it includes both memecoins and decentralized finances (DeFi), two of the most popular crypto subsectors, successfully combined into a single coherent ecosystem. In addition, Mochi will soon allow community members to earn staking rewards and collect Mochi tokens at a discounted price from a bond marketplace.

Memecoins, which are mainly run by the community, have gained significant momentum over the past two years. DeFi has also become a pioneering sector in the Cryptocurrency with a current Total Locked Out Value (TVL) of approximately $ 260 billion (DeFiLlama).

“The protocol is designed to help ordinary people participate in cryptocurrencies and overcome many of the obstacles they face in traditional markets,” said Azeem Ahmed, founder of Mochi Inu. “Unlike meme stocks, which are often suppressed, the Mochi DeFi memecoin ecosystem has free markets to which every user has equal access. And unlike other Memecoins, Mochi is supported by a DeFi protocol that can include staking, bond markets and stablecoins. “

The Mochi coin is operated and controlled by code, which is based on a decentralized infrastructure and enables the users to have really free markets. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, where purchases are made at market prices, mochi bond markets can allow users to hedge against volatility by buying mochi token bonds at discounted prices that can be automatically used to earn rewards . And unlike many complicated decentralized applications that are difficult to navigate, Mochi Inu has a simple and easy-to-use interface.

About Mochi Inu

Mochi Inu was designed to bridge the gap between Memecoins and DeFi, and provide users with a cute “doggy” meme coin plus access to a decentralized financial ecosystem.

Mochi Inu is an autonomously managed, decentralized financial protocol with a “cute doggy” meme coin community. MOHI can be followed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. More information can be found at

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