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Dapper Labs and Animoca lead $ 7 million round for SPACE Metaverse

                                                            Die Finanzierungsrunde wird SPACE Metaverse helfen, ein wirtschaftliches Rückgrat von Metaverse zu entwickeln.

Metaverse is the word for 2021. As the concept slowly approaches reality, high profile companies are betting heavily on it. Capital flows at a rapid pace. In the latest development, SPACE, an arts and commerce metaverse, raised $ 7 million in a funding round.

SPACE metaverse

According to a press release posted with. was shared Crypto potato, the investors leading the final round of funding, are some of the most prominent names in the industry. Coinfund, Dapper Labs (creators of NBA Top Shot and Flow), Digital Currency Group (DCC), Animoca Brands, and Hof Capital are some of the platforms that helped raise $ 7 million.

The main goal of the capital infusion is to help SPACE develop the “economic glue” to connect different metaverses into a parallel society. A brief introduction – SPACE wants to position itself as the creator of the “next frontier” of social commerce experiences. The roadmap includes creating a user-owned economy, fair distribution of rewards, and providing brands and users with access to Metaverse experiences.

Sandeep Nailwal is the co-founder and chief operations officer of Polygon confirmed the support of the project and stated:

“Glad to see Polygon Studios support projects like Space. The race for the few players who will bring the future of work and commerce to Web3 is on, and the SPACE team is one of the most promising to lead the way in building the virtual commerce world. “

2021 Wrap: Where does Metaverse stand?

Metaverse is still a pretty nebulous concept, but it has managed to attract big tech as well as small businesses and startups. The concept became popular earlier this year after cryptocurrency assets, NFTs and online games became more popular.

Statistics suggest that the global market for transactions on the Metaverse is expected to grow to over $ 6 billion this year. The social media giant Facebook has even been renamed Meta. The platform, led by Mark Zuckerberg, announced that it plans to provide more than $ 10 billion to develop its vision for Metaverse.

The market is hot and is expected to attract more investment in various aspects, be it computing power, payments, content, networking, etc. According to research firm Strategy Analytics, the metaverse transaction market is expected to grow by $ 6.1 billion this year . By the end of 2026, that number could exceed about $ 42 billion worldwide.


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