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Dark Frontiers Limited Edition Spacesuit Sale on Binance NFT

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Binance NFT, a major NFT marketplace, is the first destination for Dark Frontiers’ highly anticipated Spacesuit NFT Drop. Number one users of the crypto exchange will be able to access exclusive Binance spacesuit NFTs that play a central role in the $ DARK gameplay.

The sale on Binance NFT begins on December 30th at 1pm UTC.

Spacesuits are the primary NFTs in the entire Dark Frontiers universe that are required to play the game. Not only are they needed to survive in space, but they also serve as an integral part of gameplay – you can’t survive if your character doesn’t have one! Space is a cold, dark place. It has no atmosphere and absolutely no oxygen! The suit offers security when exploring unknown areas and protects you in combat with enemies.

The rarest suit offers some of the greatest perks in the Dark Frontiers metaverse, including:

⦁ Play Dark Frontiers for the longest time

⦁ The ability to find and mine most minerals first and convert those minerals into other assets

⦁ Increased protection against enemy attacks

⦁ Faster, more agile movement. The lighter the suit, the harder it is to take damage

⦁ Enjoy additional character skills and attributes

⦁ Make a fashion statement in space!

3500 spacesuits to get hold of

Level 1: Gamma (1st generation limited edition only available on ‘Binance NFT’)

Gamma is the ultimate spacesuit in Dark Frontiers. Offers the highest protection against enemy attacks and makes the treasure hunt much safer! The lightest suit there is – move faster than anyone else. A real gem!

⦁ Only 500 total offer

⦁ Unlimited oxygen / play time

⦁ 3 random skills or attributes

⦁ Unique design

Level 2: Beta (1st generation limited edition only available on ‘Binance NFT’)

Beta is the next best spacesuit in Dark Frontiers.

High level of protection against enemy attacks that will help you in sticky situations!

⦁ Only 1000 total offer

⦁ 3 hours of oxygen / playing time

⦁ 2 random skills or attributes

⦁ Unique design

Level 3: Alpha (1st generation limited edition only available on ‘Binance NFT’)

Alpha is a well-rounded, advanced spacesuit in Dark Frontiers.

Medium protection from enemy attacks will help you escape just in time!

⦁ Only 2000 total offer

⦁ 2 hours of oxygen / playing time

⦁ 1 random skill or attribute

⦁ Unique design

Win an Alpha suit and 1000 BUSD.

This holiday season is Dark Frontiers and Binance NFT suitable for something BIG.

In anticipation of the most exciting NFT launch coming on December 30th, 2021, Dark Frontiers has teamed up with BinanceNFT to be this year’s NFT Santa Claus.

All you have to do is complete the tasks here:

Much luck!

About Dark Frontiers

“Dark Frontiers” is the newest, gamified space area produced by one of Gamestarter DAO is managed. As NFT standards and values ​​shift towards promoting use cases, the goal of Dark Frontiers is to drive mainstream adoption by making NFTs usable by staking out, owning items, and creating real value through items is improved in the game.

Upon entering the gamified metaverse, players will control their own spaceship and conquer new planets, defeat opponents, form guilds and conquer new and unique NFTs that can either be built or sold in the open markets.

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