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DecentWorld Metaverse shares early results

[PRESS RELEASE – ZUG, Switzerland]

While some still wonder if virtual real estate is actually a thing, early risers are already taking steps, paying six figures to get Street NFTs to secure in the metaverse. Virtual real estate sales are expected to exceed $990 million this year alone.

According to DecentWorld, a metaverse platform based on the real world, the popularity of virtual real estate is growing – only within the first 1.5 months since the launch of the platform, the 15 most expensive streets on DecentWorld have already been bought, the total value of streets sold on the platform -NFTs account for over $19 million.

Most wanted virtual real estate

On the Metaverse platform, DecentWorld, users can find virtual copies of any street in the world and buy them as NFTs. The total number of active streets on the DecentWorld map currently reaches 12 million, and within 1.5 months of launch, virtual property sales reached $19 million, with more than 2,000 virtual streets already sold.

The most popular locations are in the United States, with nearly 400 streets sold among users. France is second with almost 300. The United Kingdom is third among the most popular countries with 121 roads bought.

“Since the start of the project, DecentWorld has seen growing interest from various quarters. The most famous streets in the world like Wall Street, Oxford Street, Broadway and others are already occupied, which proves that we are off to a great start,” shared the DecentWorld team.

Virtual roads are classified into four different levels depending on the status of their location in the real world. The more prominent or prestigious the street is in the physical world, the higher its ranking and the more valuable it is in the DecentWorld metaverse.

Quality user experience

Unlike many competitors in the industry, the DecentWorld team is creating a real-world based metaverse that brings unique value to the virtual reality space through an immersive, gamified user experience.

“It was important to create a user-friendly experience, a space that is easy to understand but also reflects our core value – Swiss quality. That’s why we made a calculated decision to create DecentWorld on top of a real world, using best-in-class technologies and making sure we have a high-quality foundation that others can easily connect to and integrate with,” explains the team .

In the near future, the creators of the Metaverse will introduce a 3D environment for multiplayer with real-looking buildings and open it up to e-commerce to reinvent the online shopping experience.

About Decent World

DecentWorld is a Swiss metaverse digital real estate platform based on Blockchaintechnology to introduce a next-generation Web3 experience. The platform allows members to buy and trade virtual NFT roads, which can then be combined into collections. Completed collections automatically start generating income, which is accumulated and distributed at regular intervals. DecentWorld also stands for trust and transparency in the blockchain industry through the use of state-of-the-art security functions.

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