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Despite the SEC lawsuit, 2021 will be the best year for Ripple, says CEO Brad Garlinghouse

                                                            Es war ein ganzes Jahr für die Blockchain-Plattform Ripple.  Während die Saga mit der Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) noch lange nicht vorbei ist, ist der CEO Brad Garlinghouse positiv über das Jahr 2021 Ripple.

Ripple’s Garlinghouse reflects on the past year

The SEC filed on December 22, 2020 v. Ripple Fall is a regulatory puzzle. It has been exactly a year since the US agency charged Ripple with violating security laws. The crypto industry is still waiting for an end. In a series of tweets, Garlinghouse reflected on the SEC’s actions, stating that this was an attack not only on Ripple, but to stifle crypto innovations.

“Of all the shitty things to do in 2020, this was certainly one to top off the year. Laughing on the floor. But what I said back then still applies (painfully) today: This is an attack on crypto in the US, not just Ripple. Some took the SEC allegations at face value / thought this was a one-off, but no longer. “

During the renewed processing of the legal dispute, the chairman of the management board focused on the development of ODL in the third quarter of the year. Most notably, Ripple had previously shown that on-demand liquidity grew and tightened significantly as transactions rose a good 130%.

Garlinghouse also mentioned the developments of ODL corridors such as Japan and the United Arab Emirates and its central bank digital currency (CBDC) solution powered by a private version of the public XRPL that partners with Bhutan and Palau. He stressed that all of these developments were not homemade. In fact, the growth is coming from other parts of the world.

The scramble continues

Garlinghouse recognized 2021 as a turning point across the board as the call for “acceptance and awareness of the opportunity” to involve billions of people in the global financial community grew stronger.

Again, the board pointed to the SEC’s double standards and the legal status of Ethereum. Ripple had previously asked why XRPSales were considered illegal if the asset was not from industry heavyweights such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The fight will be long. But Ripple CEO and General Counsel Stuart Alderoty had chosen to fight the case in both the courtroom and in the court of public opinion rather than reaching a settlement. From training a team of lawyers and some excellent lobbyists, it seems that Ripple is in no mood to give in, and there is more to unravel as the case moves into a second year.


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