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Dfinity is suing Meta for trademark registration of a similar logo

                                                            Am 29. April reichte Dfinity – eine gemeinnützige Organisation, die das Internet-Computerprotokoll entwickelt – in Kalifornien eine Klage gegen Meta Platforms ein und behauptete, dass das Unternehmen ein Logo verwendet, das seinem eigenen viel zu ähnlich ist, um Kunden für seine neue Zentralisierung zu gewinnen Metaverse.

According to Dfinity, the company’s trademark is represented by an “infinity symbol” registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) on October 9, 2018.

Two brands compete for brand awareness.

Dfinity’s lawsuit relies on the international classifications under which the company was registered, as these conflict with those of Meta. Dfinity has trademark registration for the provision of Blockchain-Get technology services and decentralized platforms.

In addition, Dfinity noted that the color palette “is not claimed as a trademark feature and therefore Dfinity’s ownership extends to color variations”.

Dfinity even pointed out that its logo has been used on its website since March 2017, while Meta (formerly known as Facebook) registered its logo in March 2022.

Meta knows what it’s doing

According to Dfinity, Meta is aware of the similarity to its brand. However, Meta claims its design is just “a geometric design made up of two loops,” so decided to proceed with its applications to obtain an operational registration similar to Dfinity.

As a result, Dfinity is suing Meta, claiming that they have already obtained trademark registration to offer the same services that Meta wants to offer, such as: “design and development of computer hardware and software and software”; “Third Party Software Application Hosting”; and “Internet Digital Content Hosting”. This, Dfinity argues, could create confusion among potential users of its services.

“The similarities between Meta’s trademark and Dfinity’s trademark and Meta’s intended use of its trademark in the same space and by the same customer base as Dfinity will create confusion as consumers will mistakenly believe that Meta and its services are affiliated with, sponsored by , is affiliated with or associated with Dfinity, or that Dfinity and its Services are affiliated with, sponsored by, affiliated with or associated with Meta.”

Dfinity says in its lawsuit that Meta “knowingly” violated the law by using a previously registered IP without permission. ICP developers believed that such behavior caused Dfinity to “lose or will lose” revenue.

Meta’s past could harm Dfinity’s future

Another key point of the lawsuit is that Dfinity wants nothing to do with Facebook’s bad reputation. Facebook, now Meta, has been linked to data breaches, unauthorized trading of information, and other scandals for which they faced multiple lawsuits.

According to Dfinity, doing so would cause Infinity “serious reputational damage,” which could be crucial for the future of the Internet Computer Protocol, especially given Meta’s focus on a centralized platform.

Meta did not share any comments on the lawsuit.

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