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Digital Arms Introduces HNTR Tokens and Brings Real Gun Brands to Web 3.0

Coinciding with the launch of Hunter Token (HNTR), the Digital Arms marketplace went live on the same day selling its “DogTags” collection, which sold out in less than 30 minutes.
After two years of development, HNTR will enable various functions on the platform, including buying and selling non-fungible tokens licensed from real gun manufacturers. The interoperability and functionality of the NFTs by Digital Arms will appeal to gamers and Web 3.0 developers.

The project has already partnered with popular metaverse shooter games, including Born to Die, Farcana, and Ignite. In the meantime, the scarcity of NFTs will fuel demand from collectors and firearms enthusiasts.

Other uses that increase the value of HNTR include the following.

  • Utility as a medium of exchange for accessories used to customize NFT firearms such as sights, magazines, and colored skins
  • Staking to generate passive income
  • Pay for listing fees and revisions on the Digital Arms marketplace
  • Brands paying for advertising services with Digital Arms

Various exchanges and launchpads will help facilitate the token launch. Those looking for investment opportunities with the HNTR token can do so through Bitmart and Coinstore, as well as decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap.

HNTR and Digital Arms NFT marketplace are deployed on Binance Smart Chain, and the token follows the BEP20 standard. The network is a popular choice for Web 3.0 gaming projects as users benefit from consistently low transaction fees and fast settlement times for both fungible and non-fungible tokens.

BSC is too Ethereum Compatible with virtual machines, which simplifies potential future interoperability with other blockchains.

The Digital Arms white paper describes the tokenomics of HNTR. The asset has a maximum supply of one billion, and the document states that 30 million HNTR will be available for staking rewards and another 110 million for future tournament prizes.

The Digital Arms marketplace will be launched to accompany the HNTR token going live. The platform’s first NFT sale will be DogTags, which buyers will need to purchase using the HNTR token.

Among other benefits yet to be revealed, holders of this special First Drop can look forward to the following perks.

  • Up to 50% HNTR staking APY bonus
  • Pre-purchase access to licensed NFT firearms and soldier avatar drops
  • Access to private areas of the Digital Arms Discord to chat with Founders and the team
  • Random free NFTs distributed via Airdrops
  • Exclusive access to Digital Arms events
About digital weapons

Digital Arms is an NFT creator and marketplace that supports the interoperability of the Blockchainuses technology to bring real firearms and more authenticity to Web 3.0 games.

As an NFT creator, Digital Arms builds tight blockchain-based game items for first-person shooters, hunting, and sport shooting titles.

The platform already works with some of the biggest names in the firearms industry including Blackwater, Primary Arms, Head Down Firearms and Barrett Firearms.

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Ben Clarke, Digital Arms

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