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Digital Currency Group and Jamestown Bring New Years Eve Ball Drop To Metaverse

                                                            Die Silvesterparty ist in NYC wie in den meisten Teilen der Welt eine schillernde Angelegenheit.  Die Feier auf dem Times Square zum Beispiel bietet in der Regel Platz für rund 58.000 Menschen in den Aussichtsbereichen.  Aufgrund der Pandemie werden die Zahlen jedoch unter anderem verkleinert.  Aber auch ganz bequem von zu Hause aus können Besucher den Silvesterball-Drop genießen – im Metaversum.

New Year’s Eve on Metaverse

Global real estate company and owner of One Times Square in Manhattan, Jamestown, and cryptocurrency giant Digital Currency Group (DCG) have teamed up to build the iconic New Year’s Eve ball tower in the popular Blockchain-based virtual world – decentralized land.

Interestingly, DCG has been a long-term financier and one of the largest owners of digital real estate (“LAND”) in the Decentraland.

One Times Square’s virtual space will be unveiled on December 31st with the global party called MetaFest 2022 NYE Party. The virtual guests can take part in immersive games as well as music and entertainment acts, VIP lounges on the roof, NFT-Enjoy art galleries and more.

According to the official announcement, the official program will start at 23:00. EST and extends into the wee hours of the morning of 2022.

The construction of the virtual 26-story tower and MetaFest’22

New Years Eve celebrations with a focus on Times Square go back centuries. The MetaFest 2022 NYE Party includes a modern twist that represents the need of the hour, especially given the surge in COVID-19 cases. To build and run the iconic celebration on Decentraland, two Metaverse companies – GrowYourBase and MetaVenture Studios – have joined forces.

In addition, the virtual One Times Square Tower, which comprises around 170 LAND parcels, will have five buildings, each with a different exterior and activated interior.

Following the development, Michael Phillips, President of Jamestown, emphasized the importance of Metaverse in relation to real estate development.

He spoke about the restriction of “physical properties” which are mainly restricted to people with “geographical proximity”. On the other hand, according to Phillips, Metaverse can offer people meaningful access to different locations around the world with the help of “immersive virtual experiences”.

“The restoration of One Times Square in the Decentraland metaverse is part of a broader digital assets strategy to develop and improve our physical properties for Web 3.0 and to open new avenues for our assets to exist in multiple metaverses in the future .” – he added.

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