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Dogecoin founder reveals his DOGE holdings

                                                            Billy Markus – der Mann, der Dogecoin als Witz im Jahr 2013 mitentwickelt hat – hat gerade offenbart, wie viel er besitzt.  Er sagte, er besitze ungefähr 220.000 DOGE im Wert von etwa 42.000 US-Dollar zu den heutigen Preisen.

Shibetoshi speaks

Markus (currently “Shibetoshi Nakamoto” on Twitter) dropped the number in a tweet today while clarifying his current role in the Dogecoin space. He said that he no longer speaks for Dogecoin and no longer works on the project – he is simply a community member.

That’s not to say he doesn’t endorse, but:

“I will defend those who I feel are actively improving the space. I will discourage those who I think are not. “

Markus’ looser demeanor differs from his partner creator Jackson Palmer, who has repeatedly disgusted both Dogecoin and crypto. In July, he said the entire space amplifies the worst aspects of capitalism, further enriching wealthy personalities, while allowing them to unfairly escape taxation.

The distribution of Dogecoin is, in fact, heavily concentrated in the hands of some wealthy owners, even compared to others Cryptocurrencies how Bitcoin. However, Markus’ numbers would indicate that he is not one of them. While this is not to be neglected, its holdings do not have the power to swing the market through a sell-off or make it a huge fortune.

Ultimately, the Creator seeks to detach his leadership role from the community, both in terms of influence and responsibility.

“I don’t owe a single person anything in this area … I like the funny people though.”

Dogecoin: Just for the memes

Following a recent Twitter debate sparked by Block CEO Jack Dorsey, Markus added that he lacked great ambition in this area. He does not believe that “meaningful escapes from the corporate establishment” are possible, as many members of the crypto community believe. Rather, he’s only involved in “building things, making money and having fun”.

Elon Musk agreed, saying he was pro-Doge for the same reason. The Tesla CEO repeatedly ridiculed both “Metaverse” and “Web 3.0” as buzzwords that imply that they do not really exist and should not be taken seriously.


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