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ETH battles back for $ 4,000 as bulls remain undecided

                                                            <strong>Wichtige Unterstützungsstufen: 3.700 $</strong>

Key Resistance Levels: $ 4,000, $ 4,435, $ ​​4,868 (ATH)

The battle between buyers and sellers continues at the important $ 4,000 level. So far, sellers have succeeded in pushing the price below it after a brief bull slump. At the time of this post, the $ 4,000 mark acts as the resistance, and if buyers can turn it into support, the ETH continue to recover.
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Technical indicators

Trading Volume: The volume disappeared after ETH rose above $ 4,000. This shows weakness on the buy side and explains why prices fell below this crucial level again.

RSI: The daily RSI falls with price. He managed to get a higher high. It is important that the bulls move up or this would only turn out to be a short-term upturn.

MACD: The daily MACD closed a bullish cross yesterday. This is good news for the bulls, but momentum and volatility were low during this crossover, which challenged the strength of the move. Buyers have to move up, otherwise the ETH can fall again.
ETH battles back for $ 4,000 as bulls remain undecided, Crypto Trading NewsChart according to TradingView


The bias for ETH is neutral. The battle at the $ 4,000 level will be crucial.

Short-term price forecast for ETH

ETH seems interested in breaking the important resistance at USD 4,000 and turning it into support, but it lacks the strength to do so now. All recent attempts have been turned down and given the small volume, this price action is hard to rely on.


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