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ETH is again faced with critical support, a giant step could develop

                                                            ETH ist es gelungen, den Preis über 4.000 US-Dollar zu halten.  Allerdings ist die Aufwärtsdynamik schwach.

Major Support Levels: $ 4,000

Key Resistance Levels: $ 4,435, $ ​​4,868 (ATH)

The price of ETH is just above the $ 4,000 support level with low volume or low volatility. This is normal given the weekend and the New Year holidays. the resistance is some distance away at $ 4,435, and as it stands now, it probably won’t be tested any time soon. The momentum could return in the week ahead, before New Years Eve or early 2022.
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Technical indicators

Trading Volume: Volume is extremely low; therefore the most likely scenario for ETH is a sideways move.

RSI: The daily RSI is curving down due to lack of momentum. The coming days of the week will be decisive for the price direction.

MACD: The daily MACD remains bullish. However, the histogram reached a lower high at the time of this writing. If bullish momentum does not return, it could be a clear warning sign that the bears may take over price action.
ETH is again faced with critical support, a giant step could develop, Crypto Trading NewsChart according to TradingView


The bias for ETH is neutral. Despite a price tag of over $ 4,000, the momentum just isn’t there to propel ETH in any direction right now.

Short-term price forecast for ETH

As long as ETH is trading above $ 4,000, that’s good news. This key level must be underpinned by volume and momentum – both of which are currently missing.

This makes the current price campaign very fragile. Because of this, there is no guarantee that the bulls will win this battle once volume and volatility return. It is best to be careful, especially if ETH closes a daily candle below USD 4,000 again.


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