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ETH Surges to 3-Month High Against BTC

                                                            Bitcoin steht weiterhin still, da sich der Vermögenswert um die 23.000-Dollar-Marke eingependelt hat. Weitere Schwankungen, wie weitgehend erwartet, kommen von mehreren Altcoins.

Ethereum jumped to a weekly high by reclaiming $1,700 during ETCAVAX and polka dots increased by about 5% in one day.

ETH at local high

The alternative coins saw some declines mid-week but reversed course in the days that followed.

Ethereum suffered, falling back to $1,600 a few times. However, yesterday it jumped to $1,650 and a 3.5% surge has the second largest cryptocurrency topped $1,700. This is the highest level ETH has seen in a little over a week.

Additionally, ETH is also up sharply against BTC as the trading pair hit a 3-month high.

investment tip ETH Surges to 3-Month High Against BTC, Crypto Trading News

From the alts with bigger market capitalization, Polkadot, Avalanche, and Ethereum Classic have gained the most, by around 5-6% daily. Of the mid-sized alts, NEAR Protocol and FIlecoin have gained the most. Both are up double digits.

The cryptocurrency market cap has increased by a few billion, reaching the $1.1 trillion mark.
ETH Surges to 3-Month High Against BTC, Crypto Trading NewsOverview of the crypto market. QuantifyCrypto

Bitcoin stalls at $23K

While altcoins have fluctuated over the past few days, bitcoin has remained relatively calm. The primary cryptocurrency value had surged above $24,600 (multi-week high) in late July but failed there and began a pullback.

In the following days, Bitcoin dipped below $23,000. Ultimately, however, the asset was able to away. around that level and stayed there. As might be expected, it is now trading just above this line.

As most altcoins continue to outperform bitcoin, bitcoin’s dominance has taken a hit. The metric is below 41% and is even about to fall below 40%.

At the same time, BTC’s market cap remains close to $450 billion.
ETH Surges to 3-Month High Against BTC, Crypto Trading NewsBTCUSD. TradingView

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