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Ethereum competitor Polygon (MATIC) signs web browser contract to bring millions of new users on board

Ethereum (ETH) Layer 2 solution Polygon (MATIC) works with a leading software company to bring Web3 functionality to their web browser.
In a new blog post, Polygon describes how it will work with Opera Software to deliver decentralized applications (DApps) to the Opera web browser.

“Polygon comes in a partnership with the Opera browser that can potentially integrate millions of users into the Polygon ecosystem of decentralized apps.

Opera will use the polygonBlockchain in the first quarter of 2022 in its Web3-enabled browser and its integrated cryptoWallet integrate on Android. The integration will enable Opera users to have internal browser access to over 3,000 dApps in the polygon network. “

Some popular DApps available for the Opera browser include the automated market maker SushiSwapthat on Stablecoin focused decentralized exchange Curve and the credit and credit protocol Aave, as well as the popular land-based blockchain games The sandbox and Decentraland and non-fungible tokens (NFT). Marketplaces like OpenSea.

Opera, which has had its own built-in crypto wallet since 2018, already supports Ethereum’s Web3 application programming interface, but suffers from high gas transaction fees, according to Polygon. However, MATIC believes their partnership with Opera can solve this problem.

“Opera’s unprotected crypto wallet already supports the Ethereum Web3APIthat enables seamless interaction with these DApps for the user.

The rollout of Web3 crypto wallets has been hampered by high gasoline fees on the Ethereum Layer-1 side. Polygon stepped in with a wide range of scaling options and some of the lowest transaction rates in the industry. “

The announcement of Polygon follows the establishment of a $ 200 million fund with social giant Reddit to bring social media and games to the blockchain.

The popular Altcoin’s recent collaborations and its drive to improve its scaling solutions in the form of zero-knowledge rollups (ZK), which bundle and verify hundreds of off-chain transactions, have some analysts predicting that MATIC will pick up in 2022.

MATIC is trading hands at $ 2.68 at the time of writing, up 36% from its 7-day low of $ 1.97.

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