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Ethereum Flipping Bitcoin is going to happen, according to Macro Guru Raoul Pal. Pass “safely”

Raoul Pal, CEO of Real Vision, says: Ethereum (ETH) becomes the leading crypto asset in terms of the Market capitalization “Surely” surpass.
In a new YouTube interview with The Stakeborg Talks, the macro guru says that the current speed and growth of the Ethereum network indicate that it is Bitcoin (BTC) will surpass in the future.

When asked whether he sees ETH “overturning” BTC’s market capitalization, Pal answers confidently.

“Yes! For sure. For sure. “

Pal also warns that comparing the two crypto assets doesn’t make much sense.

“One is the Internet of Value and the other is a store of value.

They are not the same.

The value of all cellular networks in the world is worth far more than gold, but nobody compares them. This is stupid. But people compare these things.

Well, if in 10 years Bitcoin has smart contracts, cheap transactions, all these things that Ethereum offers, then well, that may change again.

I don’t necessarily see it as permanent flipping. Maybe something else will happen. I am completely open-minded. “

The current market cap of Bitcoin is about $ 452.9 billion, about half the market cap of Bitcoin, which is over $ 903 billion.

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