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Ethernal, the first crypto portfolio builder to reward users with multiple coins, has a new look

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Ethernal Finance, a community-run decentralized finance (DeFi) Token, which is based on Binance Smart Chain, has redesigned its website, Rewards DAPP and Introductory Infographic as part of its latest marketing efforts aimed at defining a clearer message and attracting new users.

about the project

Launched on October 25th by a team based in New York and Florida, Ethernal aims to develop an improved reward mechanism that tries to combine the best parts of various popular tokens while creating something new.

The project aims to build a user-based ecosystem with several functions planned for the near future, including: governance mechanisms; Community lottery; Cross-chainNFT-Marketplace; and a DEX with limit order functions – all linked to the $ ETHFIN token.

The characteristic reward distribution (users can choose between ETH, BTC, BNB etc. without investing or farming) gives Ethernal a specific niche in the market. So far the project has dis
more than $ 138,000 distributed to its users.

New look

The project has taken on a new look with the aim of creating a cohesive brand identity across all social media platforms and visual assets. As part of their branding efforts, they have also launched a new website with detailed information on the project’s roadmap, goals and mechanisms.

In addition, they have redesigned their rewards dashboard, which now follows the same visuals as the website and includes helpful information such as the status of the rewards cycle or the unclaimed award amount. Finally, they also released a new introductory infographic that provides a brief overview of the project and its key portfolio building features aimed at generating passive income.

You can join their community on Twitter to learn more.

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