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Europol Adds OneCoin Crypto Queen Ruja Ignatova to its Most Wanted List

                                                            So wie die Einführung von Cryptowährungen weltweit zugenommen hat, so auch die Ponzi-Schemata und andere Betrügereien im Zusammenhang mit dem Crypto-Ökosystem.  OneCoin ist eines der offensichtlichsten Beispiele;  aber Europol konzentriert sich darauf, den Fall abzuschließen und seine Befürworter hinter Gitter zu bringen, egal wie lange es dauert.

On May 11, Europol added Ruja Ignatova, the founder of the OneCoin Ponzi scheme, to its list of the most wanted refugees in Europe, offering a reward of up to €5,000 to anyone who helps track their whereabouts.

According to Europol information, Ignatova is wanted for fraud offenses that have affected the financial interests of people in the European Union.
Ruja Ignatova is now on Europol’s Most Wanted list. Image: Europol

Ignatova has raised over €5 billion with OneCoin

Ignatova is suspected of driving the Ponzi scheme behind the so-called cryptocurrency OneCoin, which by the end of 2007 had raised around €5 billion from investors in more than 170 countries.

Now on the run, Ignatova launched the “OneCoin” project in mid-2014 and sold it as a future “Bitcoin-Killer” to investors; However, as was the case with many Ponzi schemes like Arbistar or Bitconnect, feeling threatened, Ignatova escaped and took billions of dollars with her.

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In December 2016, the Italian antitrust authorities issued an injunction against the company One Network Services Ltd [OneCoin], who describes his activities as an “illegal pyramid selling scheme”. However, as recently as 2017, the company’s accounts were frozen in various parts of the world.

On the run with 1 billion euros

According to Europol, Ignatova’s whereabouts are unknown as of October 25, 2017. This is said to have happened after she learned that the US government was investigating her. She disappeared shortly thereafter, leaving her brother Konstantin Ignatov (who was arrested in 2019) to run the project.

In addition, Europol said that the losses caused by OneCoin worldwide amount to billions of dollars, adding that Ignatova and her companions could potentially be armed and that anyone willing to cooperate with the authorities should be cautious.

“The fraud-related damage identified so far is in the upper double-digit million range. The damage caused globally is likely to be in the billions of dollars.”

How did OneCoin work?

Onecoin worked based on selling educational materials or bundles for 100 to 118 thousand euros to trade cryptocurrencies. The bundles contained “tokens” that investors could use to “mine” Onecoins.

However, the mined “coins” were not accepted by any exchange other than the one offered by the company Xcoinx, which raises alarms in the community and eventually breaks the entire Ponzi scheme they have been running for years.

Currently, Xcoinx does not allow the exchange of Onecoins into other currencies.

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