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Fake MetaMask governance token rises 2600% and is pulled by the rug

                                                            Die Gerüchte über einen möglichen Airdrop eines MetaMask Governance-Tokens kursieren seit geraumer Zeit auf Crypto Twitter.  es scheint, dass Betrüger die Vorteile voll ausnutzen und es geschafft haben, mehrere hundert Benutzer in ihre Pläne zu locken.
  • MetaMask is the most popular non-custodial Wallet for Ethereum and it played a big part in the DeFi-Summer 2020.
  • Since Uniswap Having thrown its governance tokens out of the air, many decentralized projects are doing the same thing.
  • Now users are speculating that MetaMask will airdrop and many seem to believe that their snaps will be taken in a few days – on New Years Eve.
  • So far, however, these have only been rumors and speculations, as MetaMask has not yet officially confirmed anything.
  • This is where scammers come in. Someone created a fake MetaMask governance token using the MASK ticker and released it for trading on Uniswap yesterday.
  • This was immediately recognized by traders and over 390 users bought it when the token hit over $ 9 million in trading volume. At the time of this writing, the liquidity has been withdrawn.
  • A Twitter user reported that after purchasing approximately $ 1 million of the token, sales were suspended, “and they will likely tornado the money, just as they tornado the original cash to fund liquidity.”
  • Other users have also reported being scammed by this.

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