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FC University of Cluj is now sponsored by WAM, the first play-to-earn social media platform

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The Cluj-based company Digitap and the FC University of Cluj have announced a partnership, according to which the students will wear the logo of the crypto-gaming project WAM from the first games in 2022., the first social media platform “Play to Earn”, is one of the most successful Romanian projects in the new crypto wave. is developed by Digitap, a Romanian company founded in Cluj by entrepreneurs Daniel Tamaş and Alex Rus, followed by one of the most renowned Romanian programmers, Vlad Mustiață, in the role of CTO.

“The project and the arguments of President Radu Constantea convinced us to sponsor the FC University of Cluj. Radu Constantea guarantees that things are serious and sustainable. We want this club to get into the first division as soon as possible, but we know they need a sizeable budget for that. We’re here to help, ”said Alex Rus, Digitap co-founder.

“Before we became sponsors, we were supporters of FC University of Cluj, so it was an easy step. We entered into this partnership with optimism and the desire to go on the road to success together. We are a global company, but our roots are in Cluj, so we saw it as our duty to support this team that is part of the Cluj community. ”Said Daniel Tamaș, Digitap co-founder.

“I would like to thank Alex Rus and Daniel Tamaș for this partnership. The negotiations started a year ago and we are very glad that they turned out that way. This club needs dynamic partners like Digitap. Our goal remains the same: to ensure all financial conditions so that those who care about the sporting fate of the University of Cluj can achieve good results, ”said Mihai Moga, Brand Manager of FC University of Cluj. – The first “Play To Earn” social media platform

In a very short time since its inception, has managed to compete with the leaders in the mobile gaming industry, an industry that accounts for more than $ 90 billion. At the international gala “Mobile Games Awards 2021”, was one of the finalists in the “The Most Innovative Brand” category, alongside legacy players in the industry such as Huawei and Niantic.



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