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Fed announces 0.5% rate hike to fight inflation, highest in 22 years

                                                            Die Federal Reserve kündigte während der Sitzung des Federal Open Markets Committee (FOMC) im Mai eine Zinserhöhung um 50 Basispunkte an.  Dies ist das Doppelte der Zinserhöhung vom letzten Monat und die größte Erhöhung seit Mai 2000.
  • Fed Chair Jerome Powell began his post-FOMC press conference with a direct message to the American people: “The inflation is way too high”.
  • The March annual CPI statistic came in at 8.5% last month, the highest official inflation level in over 40 years. Powell stressed that the central bank is now committed to lowering that number through continued rate hikes throughout the year.
  • The central bank has also begun to reduce the size of its balance sheet, issuing concrete plans to reduce its securities holdings.
  • “We have both the tools we need and the determination it takes to restore price stability to American families and businesses,” Powell said.
  • The Chairman believes there is room for market tightening at the moment as job vacancies currently outnumber unemployment by almost 2 to 1.
  • The Fed said another 50 basis point hike should be on the table in future meetings, assuming the economy performs as expected. However, Powell later clarified that raises of 75 basis points were off the table.
  • Bitcoin appeared to be reacting positively to the news, rising from around $38,700 to $39,800 at the time of the press conference.
  • The S&P 500 was also up, and at the time of writing is up about 2% on the day.
  • The Fed insists it remains willing to adjust its approach “in light of economic and financial developments”.

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