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FNDZ introduces DeFi’s first multi-token staking feature

FNDZ introduces DeFi’s first multi-token staking feature, Crypto Trading News

May 9, 2022 – Amsterdam, Netherlands, the decentralized social trading platform, is expected to release its industry-first platform staking feature in May 2022.

FNDZ Staking is a mechanism that allows holders of FNDZ’s native token, FNDZ, to earn a portion of the fee-based revenue generated by the copy trading platform. The FNDZ staking contract is unique to decentralized finance platforms (DeFi) and rewards FNDZ token holders with multiple tokens, allowing participants to earn large and small cap tokens at the same time.

Introduction to FNDZ

Over the past year, FNDZ has grown into one of the best copy trading platforms on the entire Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Copy trading is essentially a trading method where individuals automatically copy the positions opened and managed by other selected traders.

FNDZ intends to be the bridge between novice and experienced traders. The platform allows crypto novices to copy the trading strategies of experienced traders for a fee. FNDZ uses a combination of smart contracts and DeFi technology to make copy trading much more transparent, with all fees and results visible to investors at all times.

FNDZ wants to achieve two things with this Improve novice profit margins and reward skillful traders by monetizing their trading advice.

The FNDZ platform is non-custodial and gives users full control over their private keys and personal assets. Investors deposit stablecoins in a smart contract vault that allows traders to open and close positions on their behalf without ever having direct access to their assets.

There are over 30 assets available for trading on the platform, including some of the top launches of 2021, such as Solar (SXP).

The addition of FNDZ Staking will add another useful feature to FNDZ along with providing additional free value to its holders via a mechanism not available on any other copy trading platform.

What is FNDZ Staking?

FNDZ Staking is one of FNDZ’s first flagship value propositions. It allows FNDZ holders staking their tokens via the FNDZ staking dashboard to receive multiple project tokens from fee-based trading earnings.

This is in addition to receiving FNDZ staking rewards and access to a larger share of performance fee earnings for traders.

Through its asset program, FNDZ Blockchain-Startups get valuable listing services and access to a large pool of potential investors.

In exchange for its services, FNDZ receives a number of tokens from these projects. With the launch of FNDZ Staking, FNDZ will distribute a portion of these tokens to the FNDZ holders participating in its staking program.

How does FNDZ staking work?

Beginning in May 2022, users will be able to place their FNDZ tokens into a staking contract with weighted rewards. This means that the amount of FNDZ wagered is measured as a percentage of the total stake pool, with a larger stake equaling a larger return.

What is special about FNDZ Staking is that rewards are generated from the earnings of cryptocurrency vaults and thus from the performance of experienced traders. The performance of FNDZ vaults is measured in a variety of altcoins.

When the performance fee is collected, the altcoins are sent directly to the staking contract and paid out as a reward. Participants can stake their FNDZ tokens and passively earn a variety of altcoins in addition to regular FNDZ token rewards.

FNDZ will also launch additional crypto indices and offer investors algorithmic trading services.

What is an index vault

Indices are computer-based trading systems programmed to perform specific tasks with little or no human intervention. In the world of cryptocurrency trading, crypto indices automate the work of trading cryptocurrencies on behalf of the investor. They are used to rebalance portfolios when asset prices change and to amplify trading profits.

FNDZ has a unique index-Developed trading system that uses artificial intelligence to place buy and sell orders based on the weight of the market capitalization to execute.

Each index vault has a specific theme or focus Top 10 DeFi coins, top 5 altcoins, and top altcoins in a particular market segment, for example.

With the addition of index vaults, FNDZ now offers a comprehensive range of trading services to meet the diverse needs of the DeFi trading community.

To participate and benefit from FNDZ’s new staking opportunity, please refer to the links below.

  • FNDZ on PancakeSwap
  • FNDZ on AscendEX

You can find out more about FNDZ here.

About FNDZ

The motto of the FNDZ is ‘DeFi copy trading made easy.’ The FNDZ platform is a DeFi copy trading solution that enables copy/social trading from a truly decentralized perspective. DeFi, short for Decentralized Finance, is a financial infrastructure composed of blockchain-based smart contracts and protocols that collectively perform the same functions traditionally performed by brokers, bankers, and financiers. FNDZ uses these tools to provide a fully transparent, cost-effective, highly efficient, and easy-to-use copy trading experience.


Hans Sundby, FNDZ

FNDZ introduces DeFi’s first multi-token staking feature, Crypto Trading News

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