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FOMO will be a major catalyst for crypto adoption in 2022, says the BlockFi co-founder

                                                            Flori Marquez – Mitbegründer des Cryptowährungsverwalters BlockFi – erwartet, dass FOMO der Hauptfaktor sein wird, der die Einführung digitaler Vermögenswerte im nächsten Jahr vorantreiben wird.  Sie kam zu dem Schluss, dass die anderen beiden Elemente die Verlagerung von Talenten von traditionellen Industrien in den Crypto-Sektor und regulatorische Klarheit sein werden.

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FOMO will be a “huge driver”

In a recent interview for Yahoo Finance, Flori Marquez – BlockFi co-founder and Senior Vice President of Operations – said the digital asset industry has grown so much that many people in the US will experience the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) . in 2022. This will become an important factor for many investors to enter the market for the first time and thus accelerate the introduction of crypto:

“We will see more consumers enter the US market for the first time. And I think FOMO will be a big driver. “

Marquez noted that people are currently Bitcoin and are much more open to altcoins than they were five years ago. For example, she claims that 1 in 10 Americans plan to give away digital assets as a Christmas present to relatives or friends this year, while 2/3 prefer over Cryptocurrencies to speak.

“And I think that crypto has become a little more digestible for the average consumer than it was five years ago.”
Flori Marquez, Twitter

Talented people moving to crypto

According to Marquez, the second thing that will drive adoption over the next year is the “talent shift.” She says the pandemic has caused many experts to leave their previous positions and look for more affluent job opportunities.

The head of BlockFi believes that cryptocurrency-related companies and fintech companies are attractive options as both areas offer long-term solutions:

“And to be honest, crypto and fintech are big draws for people who want to learn something new and expand their careers. So I think we will move more talent from other more traditional industries to the crypto and fintech sectors. “

Regulations will be beneficial

The last thing that could guide the adoption of crypto over the next 12 months is the creation and implementation of a comprehensive regulatory framework for the industry. Marquez believes investors and companies will feel much more protected if the US watch dogs manage to solve the problem.

That is also the opinion of Michael Saylor. Not long ago, the CEO of MicroStrategy stated that clarity in this area would have a positive impact on Bitcoin and the alternative coins, while institutional adoption would accelerate shortly afterwards. He concluded that setting proper rules could even reduce the volatility of BTC and increase its popularity with the public:

“It takes clarity. Crypto regulations and clarity in the industry would reduce volatility in the Bitcoin space and increase public confidence in Bitcoin. “


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