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Former POTUS Donald Trump says crypto is dangerous but praises Melania’s NFT project

                                                            Der ehemalige US-Präsident Donald Trump ist kein Fan von Cryptowährungen, und das macht er noch einmal deutlich.  Die einzige Währung, die er will, ist der US-Dollar.

Trump has been a critic of cryptocurrencies for quite some time, and that outlook isn’t going to change anytime soon. Even if the former FLOTUS Melania Trump with the idea of NFT and digital assets warmed up, her husband still believes cryptocurrencies are dangerous.

Donald Trump weighs on crypto: Still not a big fan

In a recent interview with Fox Business, Donald Trump announced that he Bitcoin and never liked other cryptocurrencies. Like many other critics and naysayers, Trump didn’t go out of his way to explain why he thought investing in these assets could be dangerous. He said,

“I never loved it because I like the dollar. I think the currency should be the dollar. So I’ve never been a big fan. But it just keeps getting bigger. Nobody does anything about it. I don’t want to have all of these others (cryptocurrencies). One day there could be an explosion like we’ve never seen before. It’s going to make the big tech explosion look like baby stuff. I think it’s a very dangerous thing. “

Trump may have avoided tapping into the rapidly evolving industry, but his wife – Melania Trump on the other hand, jumped down a different path.

Crypto potato had previously reported that the former US first lady had previously launched her NFT platform on the SolanaBlockchain had announced. Melania’s entry into space sparked a number of discussions and debates, but Trump paid tribute to his wife’s NFT efforts despite his own skepticism.

The dollar is a fulcrum

For Trump, the US dollar is everything, and he’s been very vocal about it since he was president of the country.

In another interview he had previously stated that the US should be cautious about cryptocurrencies, citing China as the reason. As president, he had previously said that he did not see Bitcoin as money and pointed to its very volatile nature. It was then that the infamous “based on air” comment was made. In the same statement, he had emphasized that unregulated cryptocurrencies can enable unlawful behavior and activities.

Appealing to the dollar’s credibility in relation to global financial infrastructure, Trump said he did not want any other currencies popping up that hurt or degrade the greenback in any way.

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