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French Bulldogs Overthrow Labradors as Most Popular US Breed: AKC

NEW YORK — The lovable Labrador retriever is no longer the most popular dog breed in the United States as French bulldogs take the top spot, the American Kennel Club (AKC) announced Wednesday.

Labs, which the New York-based registry describes as “famously friendly” and “an avid sportsman,” was the most popular dog breed for 31 years prior to 2022.

But the French had been “quietly climbing the charts for many years,” the AKC said in a statement.

The small dog breed, which like Labs makes great family pets, is described by the AKC as “unique,” with their trademark being their “big bat ears.”

“They get along well with other animals and enjoy making new friends of the human kind,” says the AKC, adding, “It’s no wonder city folk from Paris to Peoria swear by this highly amusing and companionable breed.”

Rounding out the top five breeds for 2022, after Frenchies and Labs, are the golden retriever, German shepherd, and poodle.

Like their English cousins ​​and squishy-faced pugs, French bulldogs have short snouts, which can lead to breathing difficulties and other health complications.

The Dutch agriculture minister said in January he would try to ban the ownership of animals “suffering from his or her appearance”.

The Netherlands banned the breeding of pets affected by their appearance in 2014, but some animals were still trafficked or bought from abroad.

Frenchies also made headlines in 2021 when pop star Lady Gaga had two French bulldogs stolen while a dog walker was taking them for a walk.

They were later brought back, while the three robbers were later caught and jailed for the incident in which the dog walker was shot.

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