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Fulbo Galaxy announces exciting demo and big crypto rewards

[PRESS RELEASE – May 4, 2022]

Fulbo Galaxy has officially released its highly anticipated Alpha. The demo will feature a number of special in-game rewards as part of the team’s effort to onboard early adopters and learn from community feedback in preparation for the release of the official game.

Fulbo Galaxy caters to the millions of soccer fanatics around the world who are looking for a casual gaming experience and maybe earn a few bucks in the process. This P2E is characterized by its dynamic, exciting, challenging and above all fun gameplay, making it the first game that is really fun to play and earn. With a distinct punk theme and famous faces featured under the guise of satire, Fulbo Galaxy takes advantage of the lightning fast SolanaBlockchain and their native $FULBO token.

The demo version is full of giveaway events and challenges for alpha testers. These events offer a mix of skill-based and dedicated rewards, such as Coin Hunt Monday and Celebrity Search Wednesday, where 10 lucky winners receive prizes of up to $50 BUSD. Associated with the demo giveaways is the Fulbo Galaxy Gleam campaign, which offers players a chance to win 1000 USDT to win by following the Fulbo Galaxy team on their social networks, sharing a screenshot of winning a game and tagging 3 friends on Twitter.

“The team has been working around the clock to make this alpha a reality and we are delighted that early players are enjoying our game. We will use backend experiences and community feedback to finalize the launch of the official PvE game in Q3, after which all attention will turn to the introduction of PvP gameplay.” – said Kevin van Dorp, CMO of Fulbo Galaxy .

The Fulbo Galaxy team has a wealth of experience in gaming and has been involved in the development of some top video games for some of the most famous studios around the world. Fulbo Galaxy is still in the seed round. IDO and listing announcements coming soon.

About the Fulbo Galaxy

Fulbo Galaxy is a dynamic, exciting, challenging and above all fun football game that uses blockchain technology to create a unique fun gaming experience. Players compete against the AI ​​(PvE) or in PvP mode and in tournaments and compete for great prizes.

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