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                                                            Die Spielebranche hat sich im Laufe der Jahre weiterentwickelt, wobei erwartet wird, dass bis 2024 mehr als drei Milliarden Menschen auf der ganzen Welt Videospiele auf verschiedenen Geräten spielen werden.

Due to the increased interest in video games, the industry is currently valued at $ 336 billion. But while players are a major contributor to gaming revenue, the main beneficiaries of all that the games earn are developers and publishers. In fact, players have little or no opportunity to participate in the value created by selling in-game assets.

This unfair video game profit-sharing system has existed for years. But the birth of play-to-earn (P2E) games is changing the narrative and allowing players to earn monetary incentives while playing.

One of the platforms that gives players such an opportunity is RoboHero, a P2E project for non-fungible tokens (NFT), which is making waves in the crypto industry.

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What is RoboHero?

Robohero is a P2E NFT gaming platform based on the TerraBlockchain based. According to the project’s whitepaper, the game was developed by three specialists with extensive experience in various cryptocurrency sectors such as trading and NFT.

The RoboHero mission is focused on keeping players entertained with quality graphical gameplay while also giving them the opportunity to make a living by not only playing the robot action game but also through a number of decentralized financial initiatives (DeFi).

The game story

The game is set in the year 31337, after a climate catastrophe that can be traced back to the constant destruction of the environment by mankind. The unfavorable climatic conditions made it difficult for humans to survive, as the previous technological developments made it possible for them to live as biorobots, mechanical beings.

Since resources were scarce, the robots needed a mythical luna that enabled them to perform various life functions. This resulted in the robots being split into factions to fight to obtain the Luna elements.

The game can be played in two modes, story and multiplayer. Players must have some amounts of LUNA in their wallet before they can play the game. It’s also important to note that there is a watch-to-earn feature that allows users to earn the LUNA required to start the game by watching ads.
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Features of RoboHero


RoboHero has a unique set of NFT cards that players must collect while playing in order to improve the physical characteristics of their robots and then increase their chances of further progress in the game. Players can purchase various NFT cards.

Play to earn

In story mode, players can earn a ROBO token of up to 30% of the total supply of the token, while players who choose multiplayer mode not only earn ROBO, but are rewarded with LUNA.

Look to Earn

Since not all players may be lively enough to watch the Cryptocurrency Owning LUNA to play the game, RoboHero launched an initiative to reward players with LUNA for viewing ads on the app.

In-game billboard ads

Users have the option of renting or buying billboard space on which they can advertise any content of their choice. The content of the billboard will be visible to other players during the game. It is noteworthy that every advertising space can be purchased in the form of an NFT.

The ROBO Tokenomics

Although the ROBO project, which will serve as its utility token, does not have to officially launch, it has released details on the cryptocurrency. According to the team, ROBO will be launched on the Terra blockchain with a total of two billion tokens.

10% of the total offering will be offered to private investors during an upcoming funding round in the seed phase, while 3.5% of the offering will be sold to public investors in an IDO hosted on StarTerra, a gamified launchpad.

Since RoboHero focuses on giving players the opportunity to make a living from their games, 30% of the offer is allocated as P2E rewards. 9% will be kept in the treasury, while 23% will be allocated to the founders, advisors of RoboHero and for the future development of the project.

Finally, 24.5% of the token supply is distributed to marketing campaigns, partnerships, staking rewards, liquidity reserves and airdrops.

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