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Green New Years Market As Bitcoin Rises Above $ 48,000 (Market Watch)

                                                            Nach ein paar aufeinanderfolgenden Tagen mit Kursrückgängen hat Bitcoin vor Stunden endlich einen beeindruckenden Anstieg eingeleitet und die 48.000-Dollar-Marke überschritten.  Die meisten Altcoins sind auch vor dem Ende des Jahres 2021 grün, mit Ethereum 3.800 US-Dollar zurückfordern und die Crypto-Marktkapitalisierung an einem Tag um 70 Milliarden US-Dollar zulegen.

Bitcoin climbs to over $ 48,000 in minutes

The last few days were running for the primary Cryptocurrency not so good. The asset had skyrocketed to $ 52,000 on Dec. 27 after eventually surpassing its archenemy of $ 50,000.

While the community rejoiced and awaited further price hikes, BTC reversed course when the bears came into play. A day later, Bitcoin traded $ 3,000 lower and plunged to $ 46,000 yesterday, CryptoPotato reported.

The cryptocurrency bounced off pretty quickly, trading around $ 47,000 when a sudden surge in price in the past few hours drove it north by $ 1,500. As a result, BTC jumped over $ 48,000 and is now around $ 48,500. In addition, its market cap has grown to over $ 900 billion.
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New Years Alts Recovery Session

Similar to Bitcoin, most of the altcoins have suffered in the past few days. Ethereum rose from over $ 4,100 to a low of under $ 3,700. Now, however, a 3% daily increase has propelled the second largest cryptocurrency to just over $ 3,800.

The rest of the large-cap alts are also in the green. These include Binance Coin (2%), Solana (2.5%), Cardano (3.5%), Ripple (3%), Terra (5%), Polkadot (3%), Avalanche (4.5%), Dogecoin (1.5%) and Shiba Inu (2.5%).

More profits come from Gnosis (16%), Celsius (15%), Cosmos (13%), Aave (12%), SushiSwap (12%), Curve DAO Token (12%), Arweave (10%), and others.

Ultimately, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has soared more than $ 70 billion from yesterday’s low to nearly $ 2.3 trillion.
Green New Years Market As Bitcoin Rises Above $ 48,000 (Market Watch), Crypto Trading NewsOverview of the cryptocurrency market. Quantify Crypto.

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