Crypto News takes second place in the DAO Global Hackathon takes second place in the DAO Global Hackathon, Crypto Trading News

December 28, 2021 – San Francisco, California

On December 17, 2021, the elected DAO Global Hackathon Grindery for the second finalist in the track “Finance and Operations”. The award recognizes Grindery’s novel solution that helps DAOs get things done by doing the following.
  • Enable bulk payouts for salaries, grants, and bonuses
  • Automate trusted reports using decentralized IPFS storage
  • Integration with Gnosis, Aragon and other leading DAO frameworks

Sam from Superfluid and Track Judge at the DAO Global Hackathon said:

“Overall, I think that this aspect of the DAO tools will be very important for the future. The Grindery team is committed to the building process [these] Tools and make it easy to manage payments and generate reports and they build a lot of integrations. We look forward to experimenting with it. “

The hackathon had over fifty entries and was supported by partners such as Aragon, Gitcoin, NEAR, Polygon, BitDAO, MetaCartel and other leading Web 3.0 projects. It was also the first hackathon exclusively dedicated to DAOs.

Speaking at the event, Eyal, CEO of DeepDAO said that:

“The assets under management by DAOs have multiplied 300-fold in less than two years.”

According to Tim Delhaes, co-founder of Grindery, we will see a “Cambrian explosion” of DAOs in the coming months. According to many Web 3.0 insiders, DAOs are wherever NFTs were about a year ago.

Delhaes continues

“However, DAOs still lack the basic tools that are common in every company or startup Payouts, timesheets, reporting. All of these are not just gimmicks that increase productivity, but a real prerequisite for trustless cooperation on a large scale. Grindery builds the framework, the chain and the token-independent tools that these DAOs need. “

Pete Abilla added to the harmony,

“Grindery is building a Swiss Army Knife for existing DAO frameworks. Grindery complements existing DAO frameworks such as Aragon. For this reason, we provided them with funding through the Harmony Scholarship Program earlier this year when we put Aragon on the HarmonyBlockchain ported. “

About the DAO Global Hackathon

The DAO Global Hackathon is a virtual governance primitive building sprint sponsored by leading DAO infrastructure providers. The aim is to overcome technical limitations of the existing DAO-Dissolve tools and build the next frontier of coordination primitives. The winners were selected by a prestigious panel of judges and had the chance to take home a combined prize pool worth $ 200,000.

About Grindery

Grindery develops software that helps DAOs be more productive and transparent by making payments and reporting easier. Grindery released its first product as a Chrome extension in the Google Chrome Store. The team of serial entrepreneurs and experienced developers has already won several hackathons and is well on the way to becoming one of the leading tools in its category.


Tim Delhaes, co-founder of Grindery takes second place in the DAO Global Hackathon, Crypto Trading News

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