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Heavy snow flurries sweep across US as winter storms pound US

LOS ANGELES — Powerful winter storms battered the United States on Wednesday, with heavy snow blowing across large areas, though unusual warmth was expected in others.

Blizzards expected to dump up to 2 feet of snow swept across a wide swath of the country from the West Coast to the Great Lakes, grounding flights and knocking out power to tens of thousands.

Heavy snow warnings have even been issued for typically sunny areas near Los Angeles, as well as more typically winter weather locations in the far north.

National Weather Service forecasters said two rounds of snow would cover parts of Minnesota in a “historic winter storm (which) is likely to result in impossible travel.”

“Heavy snow will be combined with NE winds gusting 55-70 km/h … This will result in significant snowdrifts and drifts with whiteout conditions in open areas. Some drifts can be several feet deep,” a warning called.

“If you must travel, keep an extra flashlight, food and water in your vehicle in case of an emergency. Travel should be limited to emergencies. If you must travel, carry a winter survival kit with you. stay with your vehicle.”

More than 1,450 flights within, to or from the United States have been canceled through 2100 GMT, according to, with the “misery map” showing Denver and Minneapolis-St. Paul are particularly badly affected.

The roads were difficult as well, with Wyoming suffering from problems even on the main highways.

“Please change your travel plans as you head toward Wyoming,” the state’s Department of Transportation wrote on its Facebook page. “A major winter storm and multi-day closures are likely on interstates and back roads throughout Wyoming!”

About 150,000 properties across the country were without power, the majority of them in California where strong winds downed trees, according to


An unusual snowstorm warning was introduced for the mountains around Los Angeles starting early Thursday, with snow expected even at relatively low elevations.

“Now is the time to prepare for a COLD AND DANGEROUS winter storm expected for much of the week,” the Los Angeles NWS warned.

“Several FEET of snow is expected in the mountains, with a possible couple of inches to depths of 1000 feet. Gusty and potentially damaging winds are also expected.”

While not everyone was expected to wake up whiteout, even Los Angeles residents are treated to the sight of snow-capped mountains.

“Almost the entire population of (California) will be able to see snow from any vantage point later this week if they’re facing the right direction (i.e., the highest hills nearby),” tweeted UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain.

It will be chilly by Southern California standards, but forecasters warned some areas of the country would be very cold, with parts of the northern and central plains experiencing wind chills as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit (-34 C).

But while the west and some northern parts of the United States are shaking, eastern areas will be unusually warm.

“Those highs on Thursday will be particularly unusual for the Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic, where temperatures in excess of 40 degrees above average will feel more like June than February,” the NWS said.

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