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Here Are Some Top Crypto Projects To Follow For The Next Bull Market According To Bankless

Crypto finance platform Bankless describes several digital assets and sectors that traders are looking for next bull market should keep in mind.
In a new update for subscribers, Bankless says the future is bright, although the digital asset industry feels “rudderless” right now.

The outlet says they are closely monitoring Layer-2’s trajectory Ethereum Arbitrum and Optimism (OP) scaling platforms, with Arbitrum rumored to potentially launch its own token.

Next on the bankless list is the interoperable Blockchain-Project Cosmos (ATOM).

According to Bankless, ATOM is poised to grow with multiple upgrades and projects coming up in the near future. A major upgrade, due to roll out in January 2023, will strengthen and streamline the security of the network.

Bankless is also watching the decentralized finance sector (DeFi) and says it will revive by the end of this year or early next year as options protocols and DeFi for NFTs will sprout.

“One sector that appears to be gaining significant momentum is options protocols. Protocols like Dopex, Lyra and Premia benefit from the increased capacity of Layer-2s and look set to grow in the near future as options become a more important part of the crypto market structure and sophisticated DeFi users seem to manage their risk-chain.

The final sectors on the list are Web3 Social and Crypto Gaming (GameFi). Bankless says Web3 social platforms will grow because they are resistant to censorship.

Some apps and logs to keep an eye on in the coming months are and Lens and DeSo [decentralized social]a layer-1 specifically designed for hosting blockchain-based social applications.”

As for GameFi, Bankless says the sector could serve as a platform to drive the widespread adoption of NFTs, noting in particular the success of play-to-earn games like Axe InfinitySTEPN and Sweatcoin.

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