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Here are the top five altcoin projects in the severely undervalued world of virtual real estate, according to Coin Bureau

The moderator of the crypto channel Coin Bureau says that he has identified the five most undervalued virtual land-based metaverse projects on the market.
In a new video, pseudonymous analyst Guy tells his 1.7 million YouTube subscribers that Axie Infinity (AXS), a blockchain-based play-to-earn game that uses virtual real estate and creature-like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can collect. is at the top of his list because of its historical value.

“When it comes to the Axie Infinity land ecosystem, admittedly, it lacks the aesthetic appeal of many of the recent Metaverse projects on the market.

But it has to occupy a top five position in my opinion, simply because of its historical value as arguably one of the earliest expressions of real estate in the game. “

AXS is trading hands for $ 99.81 at the time of writing.

Next up brings Guy Decentraland (MANA) to language and Ethereum-based, decentralized virtual reality world that has 90,000 digital properties and enables users to host events such as concerts and parties on their land. According to Guy, the world’s lands are currently sold out.

“Decentraland was originally created with over 90,000 units, all of which were purchased during the first Decentraland auction.

Although this number is currently limited, it could be from the DAO may very well be increased [decentralized autonomous organization] through community voting in the future. “

MANA is currently trading for $ 3.24.

Guy then goes on to The Sandbox (SAND), a customizable virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their digital real estate portfolios.

“Users can use land to build digital experiences like games or 3D dioramas, or even populate them with asset tokens to customize and enrich their Metaverse real estate properties.”

SAND is trading hands at $ 5.08 at the time of writing.

Finally, Guy represents Bit.Country (NUUM) and Aavegotchi (GHST) ago, two lesser-known Metaverse projects that revolve around virtual real estate.

Bit.Country is an application framework and a substrate-based one Blockchain for user generated metaverse and games. According to Guy, Bit.Country recently has one ParachainSlot in KusamaEcosystem won over $ 100 million.

Aaevegotchi is a crypto collecting game built on top of Ethereum where participants can buy and grow playable NFT avatar characters to explore the world with. According to Guy, it stands out for its advanced technology.

“When it comes to the [Aaevegotchi universe], I find its land structure quite appealing as it is like one of the most advanced iterations of NFT technology DeFi contains [decentralized finance] NFT or even better NFT-Fi [non-fungible token finance]. “

GHST is trading at $ 2.41 at the time of writing.

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