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Here’s why Bitcoin (BTC) is the fastest horse in the race, according to macro analyst Lyn Alden

Macro strategist Lyn Alden says that Bitcoin (BTC) will surpass all other digital currencies to become the dominant form of money.
In a new interview with the What Bitcoin Did podcast, Alden says the race for supremacy is between BTC and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

“I think the digitization of money is inevitable, and then the question becomes, ‘Which species will become dominant?’ Is Bitcoin strong enough to push back government control over it, or will it encounter a number of flaws and governments be able to make their CBDCs fairly dominant? And I assume that Bitcoin will be successful in the long term. I think it has the characteristics.

It checks a number of boxes, and even the boxes it doesn’t check can be checked in sight as the technology improves and it just becomes more widespread and better. So I think longer term, I think bitcoin… You can call it the fastest horse in the race. I think it’s the best bet to bet on, while I wouldn’t recommend a 100% allocation to Bitcoin for most people, but I think it’s something stupid not to have at this point.”

Alden notes that Bitcoin is an asset that is not another company’s liability, unlike stocks, bonds or currencies. The macro analyst also notes that BTC is more portable than gold and can be used for “censorship-resistant” payments.

“It has a variety of use cases, so I think it’s not just an investment, it’s insurance. It gives you that option in a way that other assets don’t.”

Bitcoin is trading at $37,897.06 at the time of writing, down more than 17% over the past month.

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