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Hexa raises $20.5 million to bring real objects into the Metaverse – Metaverse

Hexa, a 3D modeling company, raised $20.5 million in its latest funding round to facilitate the task of bringing products into the Metaverse. This new injection will reportedly allow the company to expand its current workforce for technical and business roles in order to improve the company’s workflow.

Hexa raises $20.5 million in Series A funding round

Hexa, a 3D modeling company, has announced the results of its Series A funding round, raising $20.5 million. The round, which included Point72 Ventures, Samurai Incubate, Sarona Partners and HTC, will allow the company to expand its current workforce to cater to the growing number of clients using its services located in have tripled this year.

Hexa, which already works with stores like Macy’s, Logitech and Unity, the gaming engine, is about bringing real products into Metaverse worlds. This modeling process is semi-automated and uses AI algorithms and engineers to convert a catalog of 2D images, like those used by traditional catalog shops across the internet, into 3D assets, facilitating these parties’ entry into the metaverse.

The technology has various uses, from creating complete metaverse memories to helping game engines like Unity populate their assets for third parties to use in their own experiences.

Jonathan Clark, CTO of Hexa, gave a little insight into this process. He explained:

Taking a product library, converting it to 3D, inspecting it, and deploying it is a massive undertaking. But we’ve eliminated the pain points with a quick, scalable solution to a very specific problem that anyone selling anything in the metaverse will encounter.

The differentiation factor

Hexa is just another player in the massive 3D virtual space modeling market – a market that also includes Vntana, which has partnered with Epic’s Meta, Sketchfab, and Realityscan. However, the company wants to stand out from the rest in three key aspects: ease of use, quality of 3D conversions, and support.

The first point has to do with how these 3D models can be made directly from pre-existing catalogues, which supposedly offers an advantage over other companies who have to build products from scratch. Regarding the second point, Clark vouched for the accuracy of the models produced, stating:

Hexa is able to align the 3D asset to the source images, ensuring that the asset is consistent at the pixel and voxel level.

Regarding the last aspect, Hexa allows customers to review the models and provide feedback to engineers to prepare these items for use.

What do you think of Hexa and its recent funding round? Tell us in the comment section below.

Hexa raises $20.5 million to bring real objects into the Metaverse – Metaverse, Crypto Trading News

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