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How blockchain and smart contract development can help your business – Crypto News Aktuell

Blockchain and the development of smart contracts are changing the world as they revolutionize business practices. It is economically efficient and can easily streamline transactions, remove middlemen and better align business interests.
There is no denying that the disruptive potential of blockchain and self-executing smart contracts brings with it a potential shift in the commercial and legal landscape due to their immutable and irreversible properties.

There are multiple architectures for developing blockchain applications, deploying and managing smart contracts. For example, you can link smart contracts to different payment systems or digital exchanges, or keep them in the blockchain or a common ledger.

According to a report, the global smart contract market is projected to reach US$1460.3 million by 2028, from US$315.1 million in 2021, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.2% during the forecast period (2022 -2028).

Now let’s understand the use cases of smart contracts and how smart contract development helps businesses to grow.

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Use cases for smart contracts

Various industries are using smart contract development as it transforms the way a business works. They help to increase speed, transparency and security in all departments of the organization. Some of the use cases of smart contracts are as follows.

Multisignature Accounts

Funds will only be transferred from the main account if approved by the members. Multisig contracts are the best solution for property sharing as they provide distributed control over funds. The multi-signature contracts also prevent single points of failure, as each sensitive transaction requires approval from a specific number of parties.


Smart contracts can store extensive information and maintain their own persistent storage. The data stored in the blockchain such as Ethereum (ETH) is unique, immutable and cannot be changed. You can use them to keep the records, renew them and release them automatically according to the set parameters.

Third Party Support

Although smart contracts eliminate third-party involvement, it is not possible to eliminate them entirely. They take on different roles in the network.

For example, the lawyer does not create individual contracts, but is needed in development to understand the conditions required to create the contracts. In addition, smart contracts can communicate with each other in a network similar to a software library.

Coding of financial obligations

The coding of the financial commitments is done mainly to manage the usage contracts. For example, vendors can encode redemption rules into the smart contract when a person requests insurance.

How smart contract development helps businesses grow

Smart contracts are a new way to conduct business transactions and agreements securely online. Smart contracts help businesses transition into the digital age, leveraging the concept of decentralization to streamline operations.

Let’s explore the benefits of smart contracts that help businesses grow.

Error-free automation

The intelligent contract development for your company allows you to automate your business processes. It helps you save time, reduce costs and eliminate errors.

Payments are released only when both parties meet and confirm the pre-established conditions. Smart contracts help companies automate complex business processes and run them securely.

End-to-End Security

Smart contracts are stored in an immutable and irreversible distributed ledger and provide an additional layer of security. Smart contract development providers can also help you integrate additional security features such as multi-factor authentication and data encryption. Also, no one can control other participants’ funds as each transaction is validated after consensus is reached.

Greater trust and transparency

Smart contracts are based on blockchain technology, which offers complete transparency of transactions. All parties involved can view the terms and conditions along with the transaction history. It helps build trust and better relationships with existing or new customers and partners.

Saves operating costs and increases efficiency

Third parties often demand a substantial chunk of money. Smart contracts eliminate the need for intermediaries, allowing businesses to interact and transact directly.

The automation that smart contracts offer helps eliminate redundancies and the need for manual intervention, saving both time and money and increasing efficiency.

More control over processes

Automating your business processes via smart contracts gives you more control over the transactions in real time. You can also enforce compliance with external regulations or internal policies. All contract transactions are stored in a specific chronological order, which can be retrieved on the blockchain along with the full audit trail.


Blockchain and smart contract development for enterprise is the need of the hour, no matter your line of business. Leveraging this disruptive technology helps companies from different sectors create a transparent platform for all their stakeholders.

The promising use cases for blockchain and smart contracts are laying the foundation for the future of companies by increasing maximum performance in various business operations such as supply chain management, quality assurance, data storage and security.

Sudeep Srivastava is the CEO of blockchain app development company Appinventiv and is someone which has established itself as the perfect blend of optimism and calculated risk. Having built a brand known for unlocking the uncharted ideas in the mobile industry, he spends his time exploring ways to take Appinventiv to the point where technology merges with life.

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