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Huobi Incubator Concludes BeWater DevCon 2022 to Promote Pacific Dialogue Between Developers

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On June 18, 2022, Huobi Incubator co-hosted and sponsored BeWater DevCon 2022 in partnership with BeWater, a hardcore developer community. The developer conference, held in the San Francisco Bay Area, was intended to encourage dialogue and collaboration between Blockchain– and promote Web3 developers in the US and Asia. Over 300 developers attended the event, including many from Asia who attended via live stream.

The conference featured a range of industry experts and focused primarily on the technologies that will enable Web3 development; Topics included zk-based blockchain technology, sharding scaling solutions, decentralized storage and zero-knowledge proofs. Among the top speakers were Evan Shapiro, CEO of Mina ProtocolYe Zhang, co-founder of Scroll, Sam Williams, co-founder of Arweave, Liu Yi, Founder of Octopus Network, and Jake Stolarski, Technical Lead at Cube Network, an emerging Web3 blockchain. Representatives from Polychain Capital, Uphonest Capital, DFG Capital and Foresight Ventures also participated in a panel.

During the event, Cube Network CTO Jake Stolarski presented “High-Performance Modular Blockchain Supporting Multi-Chain Structure”. Believing that multi-chain networks will be the future of the blockchain industry, he explained the technical features of Cube Network and how its roadmap supports the industry’s incremental progress towards multi-chain structures. cube network launched its mainnet on June 6th and adopts a modular layered architecture with built-in rollup technology to enable unlimited scaling of transactions.

At the conference, experts also discussed the impact of the current bear market. Speaking at a panel, DFG Capital’s Joanna Liang said that the fundamentals of this bear market are very different from the bear markets of 2018 and 2019 and that because today’s blockchain infrastructure is much more developed, people have more freedom to explore new technologies.

Foresight Ventures’ Suning Yao echoed those comments, noting that builders could do more and try new things in today’s bear market. For example, you can try new languages ​​like Move or Cairo and explore the possibilities of new ecosystems. He noted that going forward, foresight ventures will focus more on truly disruptive innovation, as well as developing crypto-native cultures around DAOs and NFTs will pay attention.

Huobi Incubator is committed to promoting startup projects and promoting the development of a global Web3 ecosystem, and has collaborated with Huobi Incubator Avalanche, DFINITY, Octopus Network, FBG Capital and other blockchain institutions to promote the growth of promising Web3 startup to promote oops. Over 100 outstanding startup projects have been supported by the Huobi Incubator and its affiliated hackathons and network partners.

About Huobi Incubator

Huobi Incubator is a professional full-cycle project incubator that integrates industrial research with investment funds, incubation processes and accelerators. With a mission to accelerate startup project development across all stages and users, Huobi Incubator helps entrepreneurs and startups overcome obstacles, achieve rapid growth and work towards their respective visions and goals.

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